by - Februari 22, 2017

Halo fashion people!  What is your plan for your weekend? Are you going to spend your weekend with your love friends? Or with your love family? No matter with whom you will go, I hope it will make your day back to lyfe after tiring weekdays.

Now I will share you my outfit in the last weekend with theme Casual Street Wear. This style is really comfy if  you want to spend all the day for hangout with your friends. 


I wore a white t-shirt, which fits with a hot day in Bogor at that time, from Berrybenka. I really love this simple t-shirt design which has a sentence "You Only Live Once". I recommend you this fashion e-commerce for some clothes, like t-shirt, because Berrybenka has quite good and simple collection. Ok, I also brought my sweatshirt since Bogor is always raining in afternoon at that time. My sweatshirt is from Matahari Department Store, which I bought online in mataharimall[dot]com. I accidentally found this cute white-grey sweatshirt, simple and look fabulous.


I combine my top with ripped-jeans. Ripped jeans had been popular in teenagers fashion style since 50's era. And, in the last of  2016, ripped jeans has been popular again. There's a lot of brand labels and of course with variety prices. I'm even surprise when I found that ripped-jeans is more expensive than normal jeans in the same brand label. LOL. I think nowadays, people sell fashion based on style demand rather than its production cost. This  condition made me want to try make my own ripped jeans. It is easy actually, but you should know the style detail of holes or rips that will make your jeans is not too over. You can get your inspiration from magazine, fashion blogger, or celeb-gram. And hmm... how do you think about my ripped jeans?


The last one, I complete my outfit with my favorite white sneakers shoes from Pull and Bear. White shoes is always fits for any outfit, that's why I like this white shoes. Even when I go for shopping, I always interested to white shoes, yet I actually already have one. But now, I have two white shoes, the another one is from Converse. 

Ok, that's my sharing about outfit that hope will inspire you. See you again in my next post. If there's any suggestions for next post or about this look, please comment below. Have a nice weekend guys!

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