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Talking about menswear in cold weather or rainy season like the recent situation nowadays, turtleneck has become a serious versatility choice. Nonetheless, turtleneck worn not only for cold weather, more than that,  men have a numerous ways to pair a turtleneck with any apparels for layering this. This iconic menswear looks great for everyday outfit from an effortless style, casual, street style, or even formal style.

In this time, Rilyfe will give you some ideas about what to wear with a turtleneck. I have collected some photos from Pinterest to help you in imagining the look.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

OK, let first with an effortless-style, only pair your turtleneck with Bermuda pants and sandals. This style is more suitable worn to accompany your amazing sunny day with friends. Since I like black, so this one will be my favorite one. This style is actually adapted from casual with classic accent, the turtleneck help to accentuate your face. I think I will try this look this weekend. Hehe.

The second way, hmmm... looks like James Bond style huh. This is how you dress them up in a night style. (Night style, but in photo, it is a sunny day, LOL). It is just a name style, which mostly, men wear this elegant ensemble to attend a dinner party/night party. We can wear this outfit if we want to go to a night wedding party. Don't worry about it looking too casual, because you don't wear shirt, but this look is overall elegant. You have to be smart about match your turtleneck and suit color.

The third way, pairing your turtleneck with bomber jacket or denim jacket. For you who like a manly look, it can be an amazing combination. Do not forget to complete your look with skinny fit chinos and leather shoes for the total result. It one level higher of casual look. 

The fourth way, office style. I often wear this simple combination for working at office. This is formal, but not particularly formal. Yeah, just simple and neat. You also can meet your favorite colors and your mood at that day.

The last but not least, smart casual look or London style. If you feel that the weather is really cold, make your day with overcoat, chinos/jeans, sneakers, and turtleneck. You also totally change now, looks like an Europe student. Hehe. Cool yeah.

Before I end this post, I will give you one more option about how to match your turtleneck to be considered. You can layer your turtleneck with shirt. Because turtleneck is plain, so it will be better if you pair it with square/line motives shirt.

Please leave your comment after reading it in the comment box below. Do not hesitate if you have any critism or suggestion. I will open for any input from you. Have a nice weekend man!



 Batik has become a hallmark of Indonesia. It is made by a technique of wax-resist dyeing applied to whole cloth with a spouted tool called "Canting" (Batik Tulis) or a copper stamp called "Cap" (Printing Batik). The applied wax resists dyes and therefore allows the artisan to colour selectively by soaking the cloth in one colour, removing the wax with boiling water, and repeating if multiple colours are desired.  

Behind the beauty of Batik, there's a profound history of acculturation of Indonesia. Batik is an artwork which has high artistic value and has become part of Indonesian culture. Each region in Indonesia has its own traditional pattern, according to the cultural values of those regions.

Friends, at first, batik more known as old-fashioned clothes. Clothes for the elderly. But not for today, along with the development of batik design, either boys and girls started to like wearing batik in daily outfit. Batik can be used for family gathering, hangout with friends, attended the wedding invitation, and for work apparel.
Well, in this discussion I would like to share about the wearing of batik and undershirt. Men like wearing undershirt to reduce the absorption of sweat directly onto  outer clothes, warm body if the weather is cold, or just for comfort only. 
Slightly different with informal shirts, batik is almost same with formal shirts. Its function is to create a neater look. So
, what type of undershirt we should wear with batik to make us look more attractive?
The selection of undershirt type is very important. In general, there are three types of commonly used undershirts, there are:1. U-neck undershirt2. V-neck undershirt3. Singlet

When you wear batik or any formal shirt, avoid to choose undershirt which can be visible. Mostly, it is undershirt type U-neck. This matter literally will reduce the aesthetic look of batik itself and make us seems like a reckles boys. Haha. 😶

So, for me, instead of using U-neck undershirt, it is better to choose V-neck or singlet. These types mostly will be not visible (like in the picture below). It makes you look more neat and polite.

OK guys, I hope this fashion tips will help you to dress in more "kece". If you have any idea to be discussed in the next post, just comment below or email me. Thank you and have a nice day!



Life is about Yin and Yang. We are faced with a choice of positive and negative. It depends on the way we think. If we were always met a negative thing, it could be a result of our subconscious mind. I remember that I always experience many bad luck events on Thursday. In every morning on Thursday, I was always afraid of meeting with bad things. And bingo, I experienced those things.

But lately, I try to erase all those thoughts. Try suggesting myself that I don't have a bad day. Turns out I felt more positive aura ever since. Even if there are any negative things, I try to respond in positive terms. I believe that God always has a better plan behind every event, we never know.

In this photo, I'm wearing a 100% cotton shirt from Manzone. This fabric will be a favorite for all men, because of its comfort. Materials such as these absorb sweat well, so it is suitable for hot weather. Yeah, my city is hot. Haha. So, that's why I combine this shirt with black short pants. And to get an elegant look, I wear black formal shoes from Pedro. 

The use of formal leather shoes may still not commonly paired with shorts. But in my opinion this is not a matter, as long as we can combine with our clothes well. The use of shoes like this can make our look become more elegant. For your note, if we want to combine this type of shoes with shorts, do not wear t-shirt. It is better with plain shirt or any shirt with not too many motives. If we wear shirts with many motives, it would give the heavy impression either at the top or bottom. Meanwhile, we only need to give a heavy effect for our bottom outfit.

Shoes details:



Now I come back with monochrome outfit. Monochrome has been popular in photography as white and black film. That's also why in fashion world, monochrome is identical to the use of black and white clothes. This trend is happening in 2016, but I think this style still will be a favorite one both for men or women because this style is look simple and cool.

Let's take a look on my outfit details!


OMG, this 3/4 sleeve t-shirt will be one of my favorite t-shirt! I bought this in Uniqlo Indonesia, with special price around IDR 149,000. Something that impressed me is this material is really soft. Yeah as we know some Uniqlo's products known have soft and comfortable material, like their turtleneck, bomber, hoodies, and sweatshirt, that's why I have many outwear from this brand. Hehe, Many products from Uniqlo are expensive, I think. But still, many of them are health for your wallet. 😊


I'm easily get distract with something when shopping. It happened behind of this pant's purchasing. I was looking for Batik shirt in Ramayana Department Store, but then got impressed with this black short pants. It's really fits on me. One thing, it is cheap! Yeaaah! The most important haha. I bought this one only for IDR 120,000. Where else can you buy a short pants cheaply? Haha. 


This mainstream shoes that storied will never die. Will Smith still wear this shoes in the future life, from 'I,  Robot' movies. Haha. A man should have at least one kind of this shoes.

4. BAG

Fashion bag from Zalora label. I forgot about the price, but I think it is about IDR 150,000. If you want my review about this bag, ok, this bag is not suitable for you who always bring lot of stuffs. This material not a genuine leather, just a synthetic leather. So I guess, the handler will not really strong. But it really has a cool design, simple too. I always like Zalora label. Mostly, their design are basic only. So for me who like simplicity, Zalora has become one of my favorite brand, not only for bagm but also t-shirt, outwear, and shoes!

Thanks guys for reading this article. I always open for your comment and suggestion about my writing. So please give your review about my fashion or writing in the comment below to improve my post better in the future. Cheers!