Life is about Yin and Yang. We are faced with a choice of positive and negative. It depends on the way we think. If we were always met a negative thing, it could be a result of our subconscious mind. I remember that I always experience many bad luck events on Thursday. In every morning on Thursday, I was always afraid of meeting with bad things. And bingo, I experienced those things.

But lately, I try to erase all those thoughts. Try suggesting myself that I don't have a bad day. Turns out I felt more positive aura ever since. Even if there are any negative things, I try to respond in positive terms. I believe that God always has a better plan behind every event, we never know.

In this photo, I'm wearing a 100% cotton shirt from Manzone. This fabric will be a favorite for all men, because of its comfort. Materials such as these absorb sweat well, so it is suitable for hot weather. Yeah, my city is hot. Haha. So, that's why I combine this shirt with black short pants. And to get an elegant look, I wear black formal shoes from Pedro. 

The use of formal leather shoes may still not commonly paired with shorts. But in my opinion this is not a matter, as long as we can combine with our clothes well. The use of shoes like this can make our look become more elegant. For your note, if we want to combine this type of shoes with shorts, do not wear t-shirt. It is better with plain shirt or any shirt with not too many motives. If we wear shirts with many motives, it would give the heavy impression either at the top or bottom. Meanwhile, we only need to give a heavy effect for our bottom outfit.

Shoes details:

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