by - Maret 18, 2017

Now I come back with monochrome outfit. Monochrome has been popular in photography as white and black film. That's also why in fashion world, monochrome is identical to the use of black and white clothes. This trend is happening in 2016, but I think this style still will be a favorite one both for men or women because this style is look simple and cool.

Let's take a look on my outfit details!


OMG, this 3/4 sleeve t-shirt will be one of my favorite t-shirt! I bought this in Uniqlo Indonesia, with special price around IDR 149,000. Something that impressed me is this material is really soft. Yeah as we know some Uniqlo's products known have soft and comfortable material, like their turtleneck, bomber, hoodies, and sweatshirt, that's why I have many outwear from this brand. Hehe, Many products from Uniqlo are expensive, I think. But still, many of them are health for your wallet. 😊


I'm easily get distract with something when shopping. It happened behind of this pant's purchasing. I was looking for Batik shirt in Ramayana Department Store, but then got impressed with this black short pants. It's really fits on me. One thing, it is cheap! Yeaaah! The most important haha. I bought this one only for IDR 120,000. Where else can you buy a short pants cheaply? Haha. 


This mainstream shoes that storied will never die. Will Smith still wear this shoes in the future life, from 'I,  Robot' movies. Haha. A man should have at least one kind of this shoes.

4. BAG

Fashion bag from Zalora label. I forgot about the price, but I think it is about IDR 150,000. If you want my review about this bag, ok, this bag is not suitable for you who always bring lot of stuffs. This material not a genuine leather, just a synthetic leather. So I guess, the handler will not really strong. But it really has a cool design, simple too. I always like Zalora label. Mostly, their design are basic only. So for me who like simplicity, Zalora has become one of my favorite brand, not only for bagm but also t-shirt, outwear, and shoes!

Thanks guys for reading this article. I always open for your comment and suggestion about my writing. So please give your review about my fashion or writing in the comment below to improve my post better in the future. Cheers! 

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