by - Maret 25, 2017

Talking about menswear in cold weather or rainy season like the recent situation nowadays, turtleneck has become a serious versatility choice. Nonetheless, turtleneck worn not only for cold weather, more than that,  men have a numerous ways to pair a turtleneck with any apparels for layering this. This iconic menswear looks great for everyday outfit from an effortless style, casual, street style, or even formal style.

In this time, Rilyfe will give you some ideas about what to wear with a turtleneck. I have collected some photos from Pinterest to help you in imagining the look.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

OK, let first with an effortless-style, only pair your turtleneck with Bermuda pants and sandals. This style is more suitable worn to accompany your amazing sunny day with friends. Since I like black, so this one will be my favorite one. This style is actually adapted from casual with classic accent, the turtleneck help to accentuate your face. I think I will try this look this weekend. Hehe.

The second way, hmmm... looks like James Bond style huh. This is how you dress them up in a night style. (Night style, but in photo, it is a sunny day, LOL). It is just a name style, which mostly, men wear this elegant ensemble to attend a dinner party/night party. We can wear this outfit if we want to go to a night wedding party. Don't worry about it looking too casual, because you don't wear shirt, but this look is overall elegant. You have to be smart about match your turtleneck and suit color.

The third way, pairing your turtleneck with bomber jacket or denim jacket. For you who like a manly look, it can be an amazing combination. Do not forget to complete your look with skinny fit chinos and leather shoes for the total result. It one level higher of casual look. 

The fourth way, office style. I often wear this simple combination for working at office. This is formal, but not particularly formal. Yeah, just simple and neat. You also can meet your favorite colors and your mood at that day.

The last but not least, smart casual look or London style. If you feel that the weather is really cold, make your day with overcoat, chinos/jeans, sneakers, and turtleneck. You also totally change now, looks like an Europe student. Hehe. Cool yeah.

Before I end this post, I will give you one more option about how to match your turtleneck to be considered. You can layer your turtleneck with shirt. Because turtleneck is plain, so it will be better if you pair it with square/line motives shirt.

Please leave your comment after reading it in the comment box below. Do not hesitate if you have any critism or suggestion. I will open for any input from you. Have a nice weekend man!

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