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Captured by @selly_meilia_sm

Last week I got a recommended place for photo shoot. As seen in the photo, the place is very cool and amazing. Thanks to Novi, my elementary school friend, who already recommended this place. Many of my friends ask, "Where is it?" Some even guessed it was not in Indonesia. LOL. No no no. This place is in Bogor. Precisely at the Plaza Harmony Music (, Jalan Siliwangi No. 46. ​​It is a music school and music store. This building is so well-built, so architectural, a lot of people come here to take pictures. Want to try also to take pictures here? Let's go to Bogor.

I had again a monochromatic outfit which really blend to this minimalist designed building. Moreover I'm pairing all my outfit with this classic sneakers. Yup! The style that has been existed since I was in elementary school. These kinds of shoes come in two main styles (high and low tops). It has become a "must have item" for men or boys. It can add a cool and casual element to any outfit. These styles transcends the age-limits that are readily identifiable in most shoes. Classic but everlasting.

Talking about everlasting, I remember a movie, "I, Robot". Have you ever watch it? In this movie, even in the future, Will Smith still likes to wear this shoes style. 

Will Smith in movie I, Robot (2004)

Converse is one of the major pioneers who introduced this shoe model since 1917, and has gone virtually unchanged since 1949. Until today, Converse, the legendary shoes, still offers a wide variety of types, colors, and new design.

But, I don't wear Converse in this photo. Guess what?

This shoes was bought from one of online shopping in Indonesia, Berrybenka. I'm doubt at first to this shoes because it is cheap, much cheaper than Converse. The quality is probably not good and uncomfortable to wear. But once this shoes arrived and I tried it. Wow, quite comfortable and soft too.

I then intrigued by its brand, Garucci. I browsed and it turns out Garucci is one of local products from Bandung. They also produce many kinds of casual shoes. But I still don't know about its durability, because I still wore it for about two weeks. So far this shoes is recommended (7 of 10).

In this photo, I'm pairing this sneakers with black short-jeans. I had told where I bought it in the older post, but I will tell you again. I bought this short-jeans in Ramayana Department Store. This jeans fit well and look great on me who slim and not really tall. Its length is fit with my expectation, not too short and not too long. It is actually perfect for casual outfit in summer. Price? Of course, everything in this store is affordable.

About the apparel, I fit it with the hot day. So, I prefer to choose my white shirt and completed with black watch and black wood bracelet. If you want more manly look, you can add your jeans jacket or a cap to kick off your amazing day.

Captured by @selly_meilia_sm
Captured by @selly_meilia_sm

In my thoughts, style is more than just pick a brand. I think comfort and harmony in choosing the right clothes is the main core. The clothes should reflect the character of the wearer. Confident and positive aura are indispensable.

"Try many different styles, it's highly likely that you'll find your favorite outfit that great on you."

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