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Captured by Oky Octaviansyah
Whaa, it's been so long after busy with studying for my actuarial exam, now I took my spare time to write again. In this session, I'll share about clutch! In this post, I'd like to thank to my little brother, Oky, who had took some great photos of me, and to Stefandy Yanata Hariono who had allowed me to put his photo in this post. For your information, Stefandy or well known as Andy Yanata, is one of men fashion influencer in Indonesia. He has been an ambassador for many brands in Indonesia. Once again, thanks Andy!

"How to refine my outfit with clutch and how to get my clutch?" 
Your questions will be answered in here.

Clutch is identical as a fashion accessories for women. Today, clutch has been widely used by men and have became a must-have modern accessory. Why? This is caused by its function that really useful to bring a lot of your essential items while go out, but keeps simple.

Clutch [or handbag] is a small purse which has function as wallets and bag. Clutch became one of favorite items for men and women. We can carry our mobile phone, charger, powerbank, ATM / others cards, money, make-up, perfume, and other small items in clutch. So, if we are lazy to carry a bag because it is too big, then clutch can replace it. The size is fitted to grasp. And of course make your appearance look more elegant.


One time, when I had to go to a wedding party, I start to think how can I carry my essentials items, like mobile phone, charger, powerbank, and perfume. While, it is impossible to put all of them in my pockets. In the same time, it's impossible to bring a bag to a wedding party. Too big! LOL. Hence I plan to buy a clutch. 

So, clutch is suitable to be accompany you when go to wedding party, work, or hangout.


You do not need to spend much money to buy an expensive clutch from famous brands. All you need is smart to choose clutch that match your outfit/event and of course a durable material. Now many online shop sells various kinds of clutch with friendly price but the material is still good. (I will discuss more details later)

To be brought while working or meeting with clients, we can choose a clutch made from leather or canvas. If you do have budget to buy famous brands like Versace, Balenciaga, Saint-Laurent, Bottega Veneta, Fendi, Kenzo, etc, you may have no big problem choosing the clutch type. Yass, price buy quality. And also they have various type of gorgeous clutch that makes you want to grab 'em from your PC screen immediately. But if you have minimal budget, you still can find a good quality clutch with affordable price. Is it hard to buy? No! Lots of good clutch with a friendly price. Based on my experience to surf many online shops both from Instagram or E-commerce, a good quality clutch can be bought starts from IDR 150,000. Picture below is one of style inspirations of using clutch for formal outfit from Andy Yanata. Leather Briefcase is usually one of the must-have items for office workers. But if you feel it is too big, your looks will also keep stand-out and classy with this leather clutch.

Andy Yanata is using a leather clutch from Balenciaga to complete his formal outfit.

You can use any type of clutch from your collection to be accompany your day with friends and family. You can use clutch from leather, denim, canvas, polyamide, or polyester. You don't need to be afraid to choose the wrong color. You don't need to be afraid to choose the wrong type. Just bring it, bro! But if you are often less confident, try to have a black clutch. Mostly, it is suitable for any outfit. Like me, I have two clutches, one is black, and another one is brown like in this picture.

Rizky Ardinsyah is using a brown leather clutch from Ceviro Kyukei for his casual look.


I know some recommended shops in Instagram who sell cool clutches, like @good_stanly, @clutchtheclutch, @mcmworldwide, and They offer you many model of clutches and quite up to date with the latest model. Besides of Instagram Online Shop, you also can search some models in Zalora, VIP Plaza, Farfetch, Aliexpress, Tokopedia, Bukalapak, Lazada, or Blibli, but they offer limited models.

Clutch from Ceviro Kyukei.
If you are creative, you can make it by yourself. Since clutch is simple, you maybe won't need many tools to make a clutch. Begin by searching the fabric like canvas or denim from your unused clothes. Then, turn it into an awesome handmade clutch.

Ok guys, I think I will end my post in here. If you have questions anything about clutch, do not hesitate to ask me in the comment box. Thank you!

"Be confident and stay young!" - RILYFE

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