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Captured by Oky Octaviansyah
 Like an espresso, white still maintains its purity. Its taste is so strong but will change to various name depends on ingredients that mixed it. Not much people want to taste it because of fear of its purity and strength. But in their deepest hearts, it will always be missed.

This time I want to review my outfit with a fresh piece of white trousers. Wearing white shorts / trousers can indeed be a fear of many people because of its risky and sharp confidence style. Not to mention the fear will limit our space to avoid fouling our trousers. And this often happens, even to me. Although I was be careful to sit in any place or avoiding food to fall into my trousers, but still, after a day out, I noticed a stain on my trousers that I did not know where it came up from. It quite s*ck anyway. LOL.

There are many types of white trousers in the market you are able to pick, like chinos, jeans, cargo, and linen trousers. Every type will be perfect on what occasion you will attend the event. In this photo, I choose to wear slim fit white jeans from H&M.

Why did I choose jeans than the other types? And how to pairing it with my apparels?

It's just a simple reason, I was not too confident of this color for bottom wear. Yes, I feel like I will draw too much attention to the crowd. I chose slim-fit jeans because I will be more confident with this cutting. Moreover jeans will give you the manly and sporty look. And tarara! Not bad. So that's why I'd like to share my experience wearing this white trousers and in the end of this article, I will give you some tips for matching it with your apparels to avoid too much appearance.

Literally, white is one of the easiest colors to blend it with your outfit. You can pick pastel colors, stripes, leather jacket, Hawaii shirt, etc. Like in this photo, I will put a light appearance in this summer season. So I pick a pastel stripe t-shirt to be combined with my white trousers, then covering my feet with canvas shoes.

Trousers and Shoes by H&M

I can also wear an oversize shirt (as seen in the photo below) to function-ate as an outer if the weather is quite windy. About the outer, you can wear any colors, just match up with your shirt or shoes.

Function-ate an oversize shirt as an outer

There are still many outfit combinations you can play with white trousers or short pants. So here are some tips for matching your white trousers with your apparels:

Pairing with Formal Shirt - Pinterest

Pairing with Denim Shirt or Jacket - Pinterest

Pairing with Blazer - Pinterest

Pairing with Sweatshirt - Rilyfe ID

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White is a symbol of courage, the courage of dirty fear. - Rilyfe

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