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Rizky Ardinsyah

“A hat changes your face so much more than any other garments. It changes your whole immediate appearance massively, which is why a lot of men struggle,” says Nicolas Payne-Baader, an expert from Lock & Co Hatters.

One of a legend fashion accessories for men style is Fur Felt Hat. This hat is almost similar to Panama Hat, but mad with different materials. Felt is made up of many short, single animal fibers. Every fiber is interlock in every direction with a number of other fiber. Felt is known as the smoothest fabric because it doesn’t have the bulk of twisted threads that woven fabrics do.

This hat come in many sizes. My hat has a 13 cm high crown, an 8 cm wide brim, and a 17 cm inner diameter. Fur felt hat now have become an iconic accessories for men’s modern appearance. In this season, I will give you some outfit inspirations that can be matched with this hat. Check it out!

1.  Bohemian Style

Bohemian Style

This cozy outfit is simply composed of a plain t-shirt, a jeans, a leather shoes, and of course a fedora. Yass this is really a simple outfit, but this hat will evoke a classic style and give more impression to your look.

You can add some accessories like sunglasses, rattan/leather bracelet, necklace, or a watch. The color of t-shirt usually come with calm, like white, light grey, cream, or blue-pastel. If you want a manlier look, you can mix-match your hat with ripped jeans, oversize t-shirt, and boat-shoes. It can be adapted to the situation of event you want to attend.

This outfit will be more suitable for casual event, like reunion with your friends and strolling around outdoor place.

2.  Jazzy Style

Jazzy Style

This outfit will definitely strike out your mood. The perfect combination of a fedora, black U t-shirt, blazer, jeans, and leather shoes will bring you to 1940s inspired men style with modern taste. For more formal look, you can change the t-shirt with shirt. This outfit is really suitable to attend some special invitations like outdoor music concert, party, or just a dinner in a fancy venue. LOL.

3.  2000s Style

2000s Style

In 2000s, turtleneck and fedora have become an iconic style for world fashion, not only for women but also for men.

And here are another recommended style with fur felt hat:

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

Rizky Ardinsyah

“A hat will frame your face better, will shape your appearance perfectly, but it also considered to make a regrettable or superfluous impression. Things that should be noted are, wear it with confident and do not fear to try new look with your hat.” – Rilyfe ID

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