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Photo by Rizky Ardinsyah

“I can live my days without drinking coffee, but it feels incomplete. Because coffee has really stole my heart.” Rilyfe ID.

I can spend a few hours at Starbucks to studying while I have a cup of Iced Café Latte or Iced Cappuccino. The café atmosphere gave my brain a refreshments to absorb the actuarial exam material well. Haha. Drinking coffee also helps to boost my mood and protect me from…sleepy, of course.

The beverage that extracted from seeds of coffee plant has been existed since 3000 years ago. Coffee continues to grow and has more and more fans. Many coffee shops started popping up with new menu ideas. That’s why coffee have many kind of roasting type and flavor variants. In Indonesia its self, coffee has become a new lifestyle both of young and old generation. People not only drink coffee to welcoming the morning again, but coffee became the most appropriate buddy when hanging out with friends or meeting with colleagues.

What kind of coffee do you like? I love Café Latte and Cappuccino. Actually, previously I also like black coffee, because men have to drink a strong coffee right? Hehe. But unfortunately, I have to give up with black coffee since I have Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD). Every time I drink black coffee, my stomach feels not good, even I only drink it for only half of a cup. However, I will still to drink coffee. Although I could skip it, but it feels incomplete. The way to overcome it, I drink coffee after eating rice. I won’t drink coffee when my stomach is still empty.

Anyway, there are some benefits of drinking coffee. Do you know what are? Let’s find out!

  1. Decrease the risk of some cancers - The International Agency and Research on Cancer (IARC) says that drinking coffee can lower the risk of some cancers. This statement is a revision of a previous statement stating that coffee has a carcinogenic substance. But in further research, it is not proven. IARC says actually any beverage that drunk in high temperature (above 650 Celcius) can potentially lead to esophageal cancer.
  2. Decrease the risk of heart disease - A study conducted at Seoul’s Kangbuk Hospital, Seoul, South Korea, with involving about 25,000 men and women, proved that drinking 3 to 4 cups of coffee tend to have 40% less calcium in their coronary arteries than those who do not drink coffee. Whereas this calcium can cause blockage in the coronary arteries hence people can have a heart attack.
  3. Boost our energy and make us happier - This is what I say that coffee will make my mood better, because the caffeine in the coffee can increase the Adrenaline level. It will affect to boost our energy and restore our fresh mood.
  4. Make us smarter - Caffeine that absorbed will be brought in bloodstream to brain.  As reported in Healthline page, “In the brain, caffeine blocks an inhibitory neurotransmitter called Adenosine. When that happens, the amount of other neurotransmitters like norepinephrine and dopamine actually increases, leading to enhanced firing of neurons. Many controlled trials in humans show that coffee improves various aspects of brain function. This includes memory, mood, vigilance, energy levels, reaction times and general cognitive function.”
  5. Protect us from Alzheimer’s diseaseHonestly, I am a forgetful person. I think it’s because I drink coffee too often. But I was wrong! It turns out after I read an article, coffee can actually help to prevent from the disease that usually occurred to people over 65 years old, yes Alzheimer. This is again why I drink coffee. Haha.
  6. Provide tons of antioxidants - Beside of fruits and vegetables, our body will also absorb the antioxidants from coffee. Even the levels of antioxidants in coffee lover are much higher than the average antioxidant levels of people who do not drink coffee. If fruits and vegetables can provide antioxidant levels in blood plasma of 0.4-0.8mmol/dl plasma, then the antioxidant level of coffee can contribute 11.1ml/dl plasma. These antioxidants are also linked to a reason why you become happier when drinking coffee, and protect you from cancer.

I am a coffee addict, but in fact, coffee doesn’t make people addicted like what cigarette or drugs do. If people addict to coffee, it is only due to its taste. Nah!

So how many cups of coffee should we drink? If you like to drink coffee, many experts says coffee should be drunk 2-3 glasses a day. It also needs to be considered with the sensitivity of our body, because everybody has different body rhythms. Remember that although coffee has many benefits that are good for our body, but everything that is over is also not good for our body.

Cheers for coffee lover!

“Coffee with a friend is like capturing happiness in a cup.” - Unknown



Rizky - Fathmah - Nugraha - Moslem
Bercanda bersama teman-teman adalah salah satu cara mengembalikan kejenuhan dalam beraktivitas kerja gue. Jadi, ga hanya “On” saat bekerja, tapi juga pastinya saat gaul bersama teman-teman. Dan salah satu cara gue untuk mengembalikan mood menjadi fresh lagi adalah dengan minum kopi. Kopi bagi gue sudah seperti teman setia di kala rasa kantuk dan jenuh mulai datang. Mungkin kalau diibaratkan pepatah, “I better skip my lunch time than my coffee time”. Hehe.

Banyak jenis dan rasa kopi yang dapat kita nikmati. Apalagi sekarang trend minum kopi sudah hype baik di kalangan tua maupun muda, sehingga ga lagi sulit bagi kita untuk mencicipi berbagai jenis kopi. Sudah banyak juga coffee shop dibuka di pelosok kota. Tapi dari sekian banyak rasa, cappuccino adalah favorit gue. Kopinya cukup strong tapi masih di batas normal bagi gue dibanding espresso.  Sayangnya, gue ga bisa selalu mencicipi cappuccino setiap saat di coffee shop. Gue perlu sesuatu yang siap sedia setiap saat.

Untungnya ada kopi Cappuccino dari Good Day Originale. Ini adalah salah satu kopi instan langsung minum favorit gue. Rasanya begitu sensasional dibanding jenis kopi instan lainnya. Kombinasi rasa manis dan pahitnya pas di dalam mulut. Apalagi kalau diminum saat dingin, segerrrnyaaa bikin mood langsung “On” lagi. Refresh, dan yang paling penting, kopi Good Day Originale Cappucino bisa membuat rasa kantuk dan jenuh lenyap seketika.

Good Day Originale Cappuccino ternyata disukai juga oleh teman-teman gue, baik teman kantor maupun teman nongkong. Akhirnya kopi ini menjadi favorit juga buat kita.  

Yap, hidup ga boleh minum yang itu-itu aja karena gaul perlu banyak rasa. Dan Good Day Originale Cappuccino punya rasa klasik yang selalu asik.



“A journey is the best way to experience new thing, one should always takes pictures for the most memorable moments and write the story behind of It.” – RILYFE ID

When I was a kid, I had a diary book. I then started writing everything that I experienced every day. Unconsciously, it turns out that writing diary helped me in the learning process. When writing diary, I was asked to remember the memories at the time, then I was asked to explore it in writing. Not only that, it turns out that writing diary has other benefits, such as stress reduction, better emotional regulation, self-esteem enhancement, and even according to a research of a phychologist in University of Texas, writing diaries can strengthen the immune system. I feel like to look back at those writings, but unfortunately the diary has gone.

Right now, I’m no longer writing diary, but I’m trying to write something that can inspire others. Yes, through this blog, I try to give a positive vibe. I want this blog not only talks about fashion, but also I can tell my travelling experience. To help pouring my idea before entering the full article on the blog, of course I need a small diary that can accompany me when traveling. A diary that can help me from writing itinerary until perpetuate the sweetest stories.

Together with Hibrkraft Indonesia, I finally found a unique Travel Journal. It has a premium design with super fine quality and durability. Hibrkraft that has been six years in journaling book in Indonesia was founded by Ibrahim Anwar, a creative young entrepreneur.

In this chapter, I will talk about one of Hibrkraft products, named “Appetizer”. Sounds like delicious right?

Appetizer in size 4inch x 4inch
As the name implied, Appetizer does look delicious. Covered with suede leather and a minimalist design, it seems that people who use it want to bite this journal book. Appetizer is available in size 4inch x 4inch (10.16cm x 10.16cm) as the picture above, which is very easy to carry anywhere, either in bag, purse, or pocket. If you need a larger size, Appetizer is also available in size 5inch x 5inch (12.7cm x 12.7cm).

Appetizer have 64 pages with no line paper design. Within each of its page, you will be presented with a dazzling touch, because the paper on Appetizer is made by premium quality recycled paper. You will certainly get a distinctive aroma of its paper.

Appetizer in size 5inch x 5inch
Most importantly, Appetizer is available in many color choices. You can browse the color choices in their Instagram @hibrkraft. I’m sure your eyes will dance seeing their other products.

Special for this product, Rilyfe ID and Hibrkraft will give a special discount for Rilyfe ID readers. You can get a discount 10% with promocode "RIZKY10". Give this promocode to redeem your discount when purchasing via Line (@hibrkraft). So, open Instagram @hibrkraft now, and make your order!

Tentang Hibrkraft/About Hibrkraft (Indonesian Version):

Hibrkraft, didirikan oleh Ibrahim Anwar pada tahun 2011. Hibrkraft Indonesia, yang awalnya bernama hibrcraft, memulai debut pertamanya di dunia handcrafting. Produk awal hibrcraft saat itu bervariasi dari buku catatan bercover hardboard, tempat CD, dan apapun yang bisa dibuat dengan mendaur ulang kertas dan majalah bekas.

Pangsa pasar hibrcraft saat itu masih sebatas founder’s inner circle. Baru sekitar tahun 2012, Hibrcraft mengalami perluasan pasar ke lingkungan kampus dan anak sekolah. Sambutan publik rupanya cukup baik, dan evaluasi demi evaluasi hibrcraft terus melahirkan produk yang lebih beragam lagi.

Hibrkraft mulai menetapkan identitasnya pada tahun 2013, dan berganti nama menjadi Hibrkraft Indonesia pada Mei 2013. Dalam perjalanannya, Hibrkraft telah melanglang buana baik secara langsung maupun tidak langsung, dan telah ratusan buku hadir di genggaman putra dan putri Indonesia untuk mengembalikan kecintaan masyarakat kepada ide journalling.