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What is something essential for men outfit? The answer should be BLACK. Every man should have at least a pair of black outfit in their wardrobe. It has become men’s nature since hundreds years ago. Black is associated to power, strength, mystery, fear, elegance, authority, death, rebellion, and magic.

Black is one of my favorite colors beside of brown and grey. For me, black is neutral. Associated with outfit, something black can be easy to be paired with others colors. You can match it with white for monochromatic theme, with purple and red for elegance theme, with brown and green for calm theme, and other combinations. And one thing that cannot be missed is the black on black which means using outfit with all black colors. A man that wearing this theme will be looked more gentle, strong, and of course mysterious.

Why Black?
Some people may choose certain colors to be their outfit, especially top wear. They will match their dress with their skin colors. Some people worry that using a wrong colors will make them not shine or fatten their look. Do you think black will do the same thing? NO!

I speak to loud, sorry. Haha. As I said before, black is neutral. Instead of making you gloomy, black will shine your aura. Make sense right? Black is a dark color, so is there any of you have darker skin that black? The answer is definitely not. That’s why black is suitable to wore for all people for any skin colors.

Black also will make you look slimmer. A deep black will trick our eyes into thinking it’s closer and smaller. Yes it is a kind of an optical illusion. It caused a lower contrast to your background. So, it will reduce the lighting cues and less expose the wrinkles or your contours. It is why women are used to wear black dress. Because black can make you seem a little thinner or slimmer. Want to try this? :D

Can men express himself more with black outfit?
Men must be envy with women who have so (1000x) many options for their clothes. Also with cheaper price than men items. In the same store, women’s item can be started with IDR 125,000 for a beautiful top wear or bottom wear, but for men, we have to spend minimum IDR 150,000 only for basic t-shirt with super thin fabrics and bury all hopes if we want a bottom wear with those price. Ehm, except underwear.

But don’t worry, we still can express ourselves with black outfit. A creativity and a good sense are the key. I will give you some inspiration outfit with black. Let’s check this one out!

Rizky Ardinsyah wearing black t-shirt from Unbounded 3445 then matched with his black jeans and black beanie. Grey sneakers for his footwear.

Raivan with combination of jogger pants, t-shirt, and a baseball cap. Black and white vans for his footwear.

Combined a slim-fit black shirt and slim-fit grey trousers are the best way for office outfit. This outfit creates an elegance vibes with relax look. Source: Pinterest

Having monochromatic outfit is never too much.

Raivan combined his jacket, cropped pants, and sweatshirt. This outfit is suitable for attending indoor event in any season or outdoor event in rainy/fall/winter season. He wear white sneakers from Orsqr to complete his outfit.

You can combine your leather jacket with black jeans. White t-shirt or black t-shirt can be chosen as your top wear. It can create a manly look. Source: Pinterest

Steal this comfy style by Tysna Saputra

Want to try Middle Eastern appeal? All you need is here. A relaxed & oversize t-shirt combined with black denim or chinos. You can wear sandals like in this picture for cosiness purposes. Source: Pinterest

Black kimono. An unusual thing to wear right? Source: Pinterest

White stripes on black for Kevin style.

Formal look with black suit will definitely rock your character. Source: Pinterest

Or being the real rocky with this style. A combination of black blazer with black skinny jeans and shoes. Source: Pinterest 

A happy outfit from Alexxrex. You can steal his style by wearing stripes socks for your black outfit. 

The last one, warmth outfit by combining black jacket with a hoodie. You can play with any colors hoodie, cream, red, blue, or etc. Matched your hoodie with your sneakers is the best way. If you don't have the matching sneakers, just use a white or black one. Source: Pinterest

Black is a dark color, but with you, black can spread a positive vibe. It depends on your characteristic. Keep being yourself and spread positive vibes for many people.

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“Positive with black.” – RilyfeID



Captured by Guntur Prayogo

Steal this cute stand up collar shirt at VIP Plaza Indonesia. And use my voucher code VIPXRIZKY to get discount 75k with minimum purchase 250k for your first experience at @vipplazaid!

How was your day guys? I smell a long weekend will come soon this week (only if you take an annual leave in this Friday). Haha. Yes one day off for four days holiday.

This time I will review this stand up collar shirt from VIP Plaza Indonesia. Why is called stand up collar?

Stand up collar shirt

As you can see in the picture, this collar is different with usual shirt which have folded collar. Stand up collar may be rarely heard by us, but it is actually not different with Mandarin/Shanghai collar. Harking back to hundreds years ago, this style is still vogue and even modern man in this era still use this collar style for their attire. Shirt with stand up collar will give your look more fresh and sharp your face image.

When do we wear this shirt type? 
Stand up collar shirt can be wore for your daily casual style. Like me, I match this shirt with ripped jeans and a sneaker. And I really like this style. You also can mix and match this shirt type with chino, wool trousers, Bermuda pants, cropped trousers, or relaxed pants.

Rizky Ardinsyah wearing stand up collar shirt from VIP Plaza Indonesia

I have collected some photos from Pinterest that have different style on mix and match your stand up collar.

Combine with Relaxed Short Pants

Source: Pinterest

A simple outfit from a perfect combination of your stand up collar shirt with a relaxed short pants. Avoid matching your motives shirt with motives pants, it will make your outfit is too much. If you want to wear pants with motives, wear your plain shirt. How about the shoes? You can use slip on, sneakers, or vans for your footwear.

Combine with Cropped Trousers

Source: Pinterest

When I went to a shopping center, I saw a man with white stand up collar shirt combined with wool-cropped trousers, yes looks like a man in this picture. His style is really standout. Wearing cropped trousers is one way to give a chance for your footwear to shine. One input for you about how to wear cropped pants, if you’ll be pairing them with a formal shoe, don’t crop your trousers too high. You can crop it slightly above your ankle. But on the other hand, if you’ll be wearing them casually, you can cut it higher to give space for your sneakers or boots.

Combine with Relaxed Trousers

Source: Pinterest

Tired of your skinnies jeans? Perhaps you have to try this type of trousers. Since the early of 2017, relaxed trousers has become men’s favorite bottom wear again. Not only perfect combined with t-shirt, it can be perfectly matched with your stand up collar shirt indeed. Look at this picture, the man choose calm color for his outfit and completed with slip on shoes. This outfit will really comfort you in your activities a whole day.

There are so many options and different looks you can find out there, but the real vogue is something you put on your body that is fit on you and make you feel comfortable. Keep on reading RilyfeID to get input and inspiration for your men outfit.

“The real vogue is something you put on your body that is fit on you and make you feel comfortable.” – RilyfeID



Rizky Ardinsyah, Tusi Saricang, and Guntur Prayogo had their short trip in Bukit Geulis, Rainbow Hills, Sentul.

We do not need a reason to be a friend, because a fake laugh doesn’t need a reason to be captured. LOL

This weekend I have a random day with these guys. After woke up in the time when sun is 750 above my head, they asked me whether want to join them or not. I remember that I also need doing a photoshoot for a product, so I decided to join them. Meet up in Koi, Botani Square. Then we ended up in Sentul without any planning. Hahaha.

For some minutes, my friend helped me to take a photo of me in a housing which is actually still being built. I think we wouldn't get the permission, but fortunately the workers at there let the house to be my spot for photoshoot. Thank you Pak for your kindness. Hope you’re always blessed with healthy and prosperous. :D

On the way to another photo spot, we found a sign to Rainbow Hills. I said that in Instagram, I saw many people tagged Rainbow Hills which has a great place. It has a tree house like in Kalibiru Yogyakarta. So, without any planning, without anyone of us who ever go to that place, we were heading to Rainbow Hills.

How to get there?

This is the hard one. There's no public transportation you can take to this place. From central of Bogor city maybe you can take Pakuan Bus to get Sentul. After that there is no transportation that will take you to this place, I do not know about online car whether they can take you to here or not. So I recommend you to bring your personal car or personal motorcycle. If it is not possible for you because you are from out of Bogor, you can rent a car in Bogor/Jakarta, and drive by yourself to Sentul. Just follow Google Maps.

If you search Rainbow Hills Sentul, maybe you will direct to Rainbow Hills area only. So you have to search it specifically, the place name is actually Bukit Geulis. We also just knew after several times lost. Haha. From Masjid Andalusia Sentul, it is about 12km to reach Rainbow Hills Golf. Firstly, you will enter a gate (like housing gate) and meet a security. If he asks you, you can say that you want to go to Bukit Geulis. He can give you a direction to there. It is about 1-1.5km from the gate.

But if you didn't find Bukit Geulis, just search Rainbow Hills. And then, you can ask people around there how to get to Bukit Geulis. Like us. Hahaha.

You will pass some bamboo little house which actually it is a shop that sell Indomie and coffee. The view is nice, because it overlooks the cliffs. You can take a rest for some minutes at there while eating Indomie or coffee, or keep continue to Bukit Geulis.

Bukit Geulis Sign

You will find a colorful sign “BUKIT GEULIS” in the right side, and you also see some motorcycles parked at there. Yeay I finally arrived! In here, you will also find some bamboo shops, but here, more crowded. With Dangdut music live!

How much the entry fee?

You won’t be charged for entry fee. Freee! When you enter the place, you will see many people at there, taking a photo or just chit-chat each other while looking to the cliffs and hills. Green is everywhere! Beautiful!

View of hills inside of Bukit Geulis

View of hills inside of Bukit Geulis

But for some photo spots, you need to pay for maintenance fee. IDR 10,000 for taking photo in tree house and IDR 5,000 for taking photo in love sign (I don’t take a photo in here so I’m sorry I couldn’t give you a picture). However, it is much cheaper than taking photo in Kalibiru. My friend said you need to pay IDR 50,000 if you want to take a photo in a tree house, and also you have to pay the photographer. But in Bukit Geulis, you really need to pay only IDR 10,000. You can take a picture with your professional camera or smartphone, it is up to you. You also can ask for help to the guard at there to take your pictures. They are kind. So you can take many pictures. But however, do not take too long in the tree house, because many people are also waiting for their turn. Hehe. But, if there is no long queue, you can ask the guard to take a photo again.

Ok, that is my short escape for my weekend. I hope this place can be listed for your short trip too. Have a nice weekend!
If you have any questions, you can leave your comments below.

“You need a short trip sometimes. To relieve your stress, to refresh your mood.” – RilyfeID



Photo taken by Riska Rahmayani

Autumn or known also as fall, is an intervening period of the warmest time and the coldest time. Its scene associated with yellow, orange, and red leaves on trees and fallen on ground, skies turn grey.

Halo RilyfeID readers! September comes back again! People always says that this is a joyful month, remember the song of Vina Panduwinata? Yes! "September Ceria". Find out on google or YouTube if you never hear this song, I’m sure you will love that.

September is also known as the beginning time of autumn for countries in Northern Hemisphere, while in East Asian, autumn mostly has been started since last month. Autumn is a season of transitioning period from summer to winter which also means the transitioning period of the warmest time and the coldest time. As daytime and nighttime temperature decrease, trees shed their leaves. Skies then turn grey.

Inspired by this atmosphere, warmth colors like orange, red, yellow, green, and brown are chosen as the most favorite color for people outfits. This is also can be an inspiration for your wedding decoration color. You can choose cream or peach for light and fresh atmosphere, or maroon and gold for strong and elegant atmosphere. In Indonesia, September is the transitioning of summer season and rainy season. Outdoor wedding is still possible to be realized with playful color like peach, white, camel, and gold.

In this time, RilyfeID will share you some outfits that inspired by autumn/fall season, while we know that in this country, Indonesia, we never experience autumn. Hehe.


Photo is taken by Noviana Nurrohmah

This outfit is a simple combination of stripes t-shirt and short pants paired up with derby shoes and stripes socks. This stripes sock is one of my favorite because so playful. You can also wear a caramel beanie for playful look and sunglasses to protect your eyes from sun.

Keeping warm and comfortable in autumn is sometimes need both for daytime or nighttime. That is why I also provide you some inspirational attire that keeps you warm with playful color as seen in the picture below.

Source: Pinterest and Gq-Magazine

In the first picture, we recommend to pair up a red knit sweater with long jeans and bright sneakers. Do not forget to wear sunglasses if you want manlier look. This outfit is the best way to hit your warm weekend.

In the second picture, a jacket is the main role for this outfit. Denim pants and a boot will perfectly make your look cooler and manlier. A beanie and sunglasses also can be wear for your accessories.

In the third picture, you will find simpler outfit. Take your thick green knit sweater from your wardrobe, then pair up with linen trousers, corduroy, or jeans and sneakers. Wear beanie that match your knit sweater or trousers for playful look.

In the fourth picture, you can wear a playful color for your trousers and pair up with double layered top, one plain shirt and one squares shirt. For manlier look, you can wear all types of sneakers, either classic, chunky, or bright one. I think contrast color for your sneakers with your shirt is the best way to impress people.


Photo is taken by Noviana Nurrohmah

A suit will always be men essential go-to. That’s why every man should have a suit hanging in their wardrobe. It can not only be paired with a shirt, but also with a t-shirt. Choose a t-shirt that blend with your suit color, it must be perfect too. In this photo, I choose a stripes light brown t-shirt that match my brown suit. Then I wear brown stripes sock and black derby shoes. Yes, head to toe is inspired by earth tone.

I collect some photos from Pinterest and other sources that can be your inspiration about how to look neat with autumn vibes in the below collection:

Source: Pinterest and Gq-Magazine

In the first picture, camel is dominated all the attires. The combination of shirt, trousers, knit sweaters, and long coat will give a good impression to attend a dinner invitation. You can add a beanies to warm your head when it is cold outside.

In the second picture, a suit is paired up with collar shirt and sneakers. A scarf and a watch is wore as an accessories.

In the third picture, a moss green suit is paired up with collar shirt like in the second picture, but it add knitted sweater as the middle layer. A square shirt is chosen to give more attraction. Oxford or boat can be chosen for footwear.

In the fourth picture, instead of wearing a blazer, we can choose knitted jacket for outwear.

In the fifth picture, only simple things needed to have a neat look. A knit sweater, jeans, boots, and shirt are the simplest way.

OK guys, that’s all about men’s attire that inspired by autumn. Do not forget to follow my blog to ensure you will get the update post and leave your comment in the end of my post. Have a nice day!

“Comfy sweaters, warm drinks, and pretty colors. I love autumn.” - Unknown



“Bio-essence Miracle Bio Water is formulated with bio-energy technology that has been known for its benefit dermatologically. The new Bio-essence Miracle Bio Water comes with a new spray and new look for a finer spray experience. It is now hypoallergenic and pH balanced with its lowest salt content for maximum hydration, along with fastest cooling, soothing, & moisturizing effects.”

Hello Rilyfe readers! This chance I will talk about one of skincare products of Bio-essence that I usually used for face treatment for this past one month. What is it?

Bio Miracle Water.

Bio-essence Miracle Bio Water

For your information that Bio-essence is one of leading skincare brands in ASEAN Countries, and has expanded from the local market into countries like Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Australia, and the UK. According to AC Nielsen report, Bio-essence has won multiple accolades under its name such as owning the title of the No. 1 Face Lifting Cream since 2004. Also No. 1 skincare brand in Watsons as well as clinching multiple beauty awards, and the latest being the 2014 Cleo Clear Skin Awards and the 2014 Her World Beauty Awards, as voted an reviewed by skincare experts, readers, and beauty editors. [Source: Click Here]

I have used some of Bio-essence products, like Bio-essence Facial Wash, Bio-essence Deep Exfoliating Gel, and Bio-essence Bird’s Nest Nutri-Collagen & Whitening Advancer for more than 4 months. Then last month, I tried to use Bio-essence Miracle Bio Water.

Why Bio-essence Miracle Bio Water is needed for me?

I go to work every day Bogor-Jakarta-Bogor. It is a really tiring activity, not only for my body but also for my skin. Air pollution and hot weather can cause my skin cells experiencing fatigue and looks dull.  And Bio-essence has a series of skincare products to solve my problem. One of them is Bio-essence Miracle Bio Water that has trace minerals. Trace minerals are essential for skin cell generation, a natural treatment for optimal skin health.
This product also has the lowest salt content. Sodium Chloride is really important to protect your body health, but the high levels of salt, especially on the skin, can cause the skin dehydration. But Miracle Bio Water has a low salt level, only 2.432 mg/L with pH 6.45. The lowest salt content in this Miracle Bio Water gives soothing and moisturizing effect and perfectly balanced and ideal treatment for hypersensitive skin.
After using Bio-essence Miracle Bio Water, my skin feels softened, soothed, and really fresh.

One thing that makes this product is awesome, Bio-essence Miracle Bio Water is not only used for face, but also suitable for hair and body. Below are the benefits of this cool product:

Use after make-up for longer lasting result and natural look.

  • Soften, soothing, and faster cooling your skin
  • Help to protect your skin moisture
  • pH-balanced and hypoallergenic
  • Suitable for sensitive skin

  • Moisturize your head skin
  • Cooling and soothing your hair and head skin

  • Make your skin more fresh after activities, especially exercises
  • Moisturize your skin under the sun