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Rizky Ardinsyah, Tusi Saricang, and Guntur Prayogo had their short trip in Bukit Geulis, Rainbow Hills, Sentul.

We do not need a reason to be a friend, because a fake laugh doesn’t need a reason to be captured. LOL

This weekend I have a random day with these guys. After woke up in the time when sun is 750 above my head, they asked me whether want to join them or not. I remember that I also need doing a photoshoot for a product, so I decided to join them. Meet up in Koi, Botani Square. Then we ended up in Sentul without any planning. Hahaha.

For some minutes, my friend helped me to take a photo of me in a housing which is actually still being built. I think we wouldn't get the permission, but fortunately the workers at there let the house to be my spot for photoshoot. Thank you Pak for your kindness. Hope you’re always blessed with healthy and prosperous. :D

On the way to another photo spot, we found a sign to Rainbow Hills. I said that in Instagram, I saw many people tagged Rainbow Hills which has a great place. It has a tree house like in Kalibiru Yogyakarta. So, without any planning, without anyone of us who ever go to that place, we were heading to Rainbow Hills.

How to get there?

This is the hard one. There's no public transportation you can take to this place. From central of Bogor city maybe you can take Pakuan Bus to get Sentul. After that there is no transportation that will take you to this place, I do not know about online car whether they can take you to here or not. So I recommend you to bring your personal car or personal motorcycle. If it is not possible for you because you are from out of Bogor, you can rent a car in Bogor/Jakarta, and drive by yourself to Sentul. Just follow Google Maps.

If you search Rainbow Hills Sentul, maybe you will direct to Rainbow Hills area only. So you have to search it specifically, the place name is actually Bukit Geulis. We also just knew after several times lost. Haha. From Masjid Andalusia Sentul, it is about 12km to reach Rainbow Hills Golf. Firstly, you will enter a gate (like housing gate) and meet a security. If he asks you, you can say that you want to go to Bukit Geulis. He can give you a direction to there. It is about 1-1.5km from the gate.

But if you didn't find Bukit Geulis, just search Rainbow Hills. And then, you can ask people around there how to get to Bukit Geulis. Like us. Hahaha.

You will pass some bamboo little house which actually it is a shop that sell Indomie and coffee. The view is nice, because it overlooks the cliffs. You can take a rest for some minutes at there while eating Indomie or coffee, or keep continue to Bukit Geulis.

Bukit Geulis Sign

You will find a colorful sign “BUKIT GEULIS” in the right side, and you also see some motorcycles parked at there. Yeay I finally arrived! In here, you will also find some bamboo shops, but here, more crowded. With Dangdut music live!

How much the entry fee?

You won’t be charged for entry fee. Freee! When you enter the place, you will see many people at there, taking a photo or just chit-chat each other while looking to the cliffs and hills. Green is everywhere! Beautiful!

View of hills inside of Bukit Geulis

View of hills inside of Bukit Geulis

But for some photo spots, you need to pay for maintenance fee. IDR 10,000 for taking photo in tree house and IDR 5,000 for taking photo in love sign (I don’t take a photo in here so I’m sorry I couldn’t give you a picture). However, it is much cheaper than taking photo in Kalibiru. My friend said you need to pay IDR 50,000 if you want to take a photo in a tree house, and also you have to pay the photographer. But in Bukit Geulis, you really need to pay only IDR 10,000. You can take a picture with your professional camera or smartphone, it is up to you. You also can ask for help to the guard at there to take your pictures. They are kind. So you can take many pictures. But however, do not take too long in the tree house, because many people are also waiting for their turn. Hehe. But, if there is no long queue, you can ask the guard to take a photo again.

Ok, that is my short escape for my weekend. I hope this place can be listed for your short trip too. Have a nice weekend!
If you have any questions, you can leave your comments below.

“You need a short trip sometimes. To relieve your stress, to refresh your mood.” – RilyfeID

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