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Photo taken by Riska Rahmayani

Autumn or known also as fall, is an intervening period of the warmest time and the coldest time. Its scene associated with yellow, orange, and red leaves on trees and fallen on ground, skies turn grey.

Halo RilyfeID readers! September comes back again! People always says that this is a joyful month, remember the song of Vina Panduwinata? Yes! "September Ceria". Find out on google or YouTube if you never hear this song, I’m sure you will love that.

September is also known as the beginning time of autumn for countries in Northern Hemisphere, while in East Asian, autumn mostly has been started since last month. Autumn is a season of transitioning period from summer to winter which also means the transitioning period of the warmest time and the coldest time. As daytime and nighttime temperature decrease, trees shed their leaves. Skies then turn grey.

Inspired by this atmosphere, warmth colors like orange, red, yellow, green, and brown are chosen as the most favorite color for people outfits. This is also can be an inspiration for your wedding decoration color. You can choose cream or peach for light and fresh atmosphere, or maroon and gold for strong and elegant atmosphere. In Indonesia, September is the transitioning of summer season and rainy season. Outdoor wedding is still possible to be realized with playful color like peach, white, camel, and gold.

In this time, RilyfeID will share you some outfits that inspired by autumn/fall season, while we know that in this country, Indonesia, we never experience autumn. Hehe.


Photo is taken by Noviana Nurrohmah

This outfit is a simple combination of stripes t-shirt and short pants paired up with derby shoes and stripes socks. This stripes sock is one of my favorite because so playful. You can also wear a caramel beanie for playful look and sunglasses to protect your eyes from sun.

Keeping warm and comfortable in autumn is sometimes need both for daytime or nighttime. That is why I also provide you some inspirational attire that keeps you warm with playful color as seen in the picture below.

Source: Pinterest and Gq-Magazine

In the first picture, we recommend to pair up a red knit sweater with long jeans and bright sneakers. Do not forget to wear sunglasses if you want manlier look. This outfit is the best way to hit your warm weekend.

In the second picture, a jacket is the main role for this outfit. Denim pants and a boot will perfectly make your look cooler and manlier. A beanie and sunglasses also can be wear for your accessories.

In the third picture, you will find simpler outfit. Take your thick green knit sweater from your wardrobe, then pair up with linen trousers, corduroy, or jeans and sneakers. Wear beanie that match your knit sweater or trousers for playful look.

In the fourth picture, you can wear a playful color for your trousers and pair up with double layered top, one plain shirt and one squares shirt. For manlier look, you can wear all types of sneakers, either classic, chunky, or bright one. I think contrast color for your sneakers with your shirt is the best way to impress people.


Photo is taken by Noviana Nurrohmah

A suit will always be men essential go-to. That’s why every man should have a suit hanging in their wardrobe. It can not only be paired with a shirt, but also with a t-shirt. Choose a t-shirt that blend with your suit color, it must be perfect too. In this photo, I choose a stripes light brown t-shirt that match my brown suit. Then I wear brown stripes sock and black derby shoes. Yes, head to toe is inspired by earth tone.

I collect some photos from Pinterest and other sources that can be your inspiration about how to look neat with autumn vibes in the below collection:

Source: Pinterest and Gq-Magazine

In the first picture, camel is dominated all the attires. The combination of shirt, trousers, knit sweaters, and long coat will give a good impression to attend a dinner invitation. You can add a beanies to warm your head when it is cold outside.

In the second picture, a suit is paired up with collar shirt and sneakers. A scarf and a watch is wore as an accessories.

In the third picture, a moss green suit is paired up with collar shirt like in the second picture, but it add knitted sweater as the middle layer. A square shirt is chosen to give more attraction. Oxford or boat can be chosen for footwear.

In the fourth picture, instead of wearing a blazer, we can choose knitted jacket for outwear.

In the fifth picture, only simple things needed to have a neat look. A knit sweater, jeans, boots, and shirt are the simplest way.

OK guys, that’s all about men’s attire that inspired by autumn. Do not forget to follow my blog to ensure you will get the update post and leave your comment in the end of my post. Have a nice day!

“Comfy sweaters, warm drinks, and pretty colors. I love autumn.” - Unknown

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