What is something essential for men outfit? The answer should be BLACK. Every man should have at least a pair of black outfit in their wardrobe. It has become men’s nature since hundreds years ago. Black is associated to power, strength, mystery, fear, elegance, authority, death, rebellion, and magic.

Black is one of my favorite colors beside of brown and grey. For me, black is neutral. Associated with outfit, something black can be easy to be paired with others colors. You can match it with white for monochromatic theme, with purple and red for elegance theme, with brown and green for calm theme, and other combinations. And one thing that cannot be missed is the black on black which means using outfit with all black colors. A man that wearing this theme will be looked more gentle, strong, and of course mysterious.

Why Black?
Some people may choose certain colors to be their outfit, especially top wear. They will match their dress with their skin colors. Some people worry that using a wrong colors will make them not shine or fatten their look. Do you think black will do the same thing? NO!

I speak to loud, sorry. Haha. As I said before, black is neutral. Instead of making you gloomy, black will shine your aura. Make sense right? Black is a dark color, so is there any of you have darker skin that black? The answer is definitely not. That’s why black is suitable to wore for all people for any skin colors.

Black also will make you look slimmer. A deep black will trick our eyes into thinking it’s closer and smaller. Yes it is a kind of an optical illusion. It caused a lower contrast to your background. So, it will reduce the lighting cues and less expose the wrinkles or your contours. It is why women are used to wear black dress. Because black can make you seem a little thinner or slimmer. Want to try this? :D

Can men express himself more with black outfit?
Men must be envy with women who have so (1000x) many options for their clothes. Also with cheaper price than men items. In the same store, women’s item can be started with IDR 125,000 for a beautiful top wear or bottom wear, but for men, we have to spend minimum IDR 150,000 only for basic t-shirt with super thin fabrics and bury all hopes if we want a bottom wear with those price. Ehm, except underwear.

But don’t worry, we still can express ourselves with black outfit. A creativity and a good sense are the key. I will give you some inspiration outfit with black. Let’s check this one out!

Rizky Ardinsyah wearing black t-shirt from Unbounded 3445 then matched with his black jeans and black beanie. Grey sneakers for his footwear.

Raivan with combination of jogger pants, t-shirt, and a baseball cap. Black and white vans for his footwear.

Combined a slim-fit black shirt and slim-fit grey trousers are the best way for office outfit. This outfit creates an elegance vibes with relax look. Source: Pinterest

Having monochromatic outfit is never too much.

Raivan combined his jacket, cropped pants, and sweatshirt. This outfit is suitable for attending indoor event in any season or outdoor event in rainy/fall/winter season. He wear white sneakers from Orsqr to complete his outfit.

You can combine your leather jacket with black jeans. White t-shirt or black t-shirt can be chosen as your top wear. It can create a manly look. Source: Pinterest

Steal this comfy style by Tysna Saputra

Want to try Middle Eastern appeal? All you need is here. A relaxed & oversize t-shirt combined with black denim or chinos. You can wear sandals like in this picture for cosiness purposes. Source: Pinterest

Black kimono. An unusual thing to wear right? Source: Pinterest

White stripes on black for Kevin style.

Formal look with black suit will definitely rock your character. Source: Pinterest

Or being the real rocky with this style. A combination of black blazer with black skinny jeans and shoes. Source: Pinterest 

A happy outfit from Alexxrex. You can steal his style by wearing stripes socks for your black outfit. 

The last one, warmth outfit by combining black jacket with a hoodie. You can play with any colors hoodie, cream, red, blue, or etc. Matched your hoodie with your sneakers is the best way. If you don't have the matching sneakers, just use a white or black one. Source: Pinterest

Black is a dark color, but with you, black can spread a positive vibe. It depends on your characteristic. Keep being yourself and spread positive vibes for many people.

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“Positive with black.” – RilyfeID

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