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Captured by Guntur Prayogo

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How was your day guys? I smell a long weekend will come soon this week (only if you take an annual leave in this Friday). Haha. Yes one day off for four days holiday.

This time I will review this stand up collar shirt from VIP Plaza Indonesia. Why is called stand up collar?

Stand up collar shirt

As you can see in the picture, this collar is different with usual shirt which have folded collar. Stand up collar may be rarely heard by us, but it is actually not different with Mandarin/Shanghai collar. Harking back to hundreds years ago, this style is still vogue and even modern man in this era still use this collar style for their attire. Shirt with stand up collar will give your look more fresh and sharp your face image.

When do we wear this shirt type? 
Stand up collar shirt can be wore for your daily casual style. Like me, I match this shirt with ripped jeans and a sneaker. And I really like this style. You also can mix and match this shirt type with chino, wool trousers, Bermuda pants, cropped trousers, or relaxed pants.

Rizky Ardinsyah wearing stand up collar shirt from VIP Plaza Indonesia

I have collected some photos from Pinterest that have different style on mix and match your stand up collar.

Combine with Relaxed Short Pants

Source: Pinterest

A simple outfit from a perfect combination of your stand up collar shirt with a relaxed short pants. Avoid matching your motives shirt with motives pants, it will make your outfit is too much. If you want to wear pants with motives, wear your plain shirt. How about the shoes? You can use slip on, sneakers, or vans for your footwear.

Combine with Cropped Trousers

Source: Pinterest

When I went to a shopping center, I saw a man with white stand up collar shirt combined with wool-cropped trousers, yes looks like a man in this picture. His style is really standout. Wearing cropped trousers is one way to give a chance for your footwear to shine. One input for you about how to wear cropped pants, if you’ll be pairing them with a formal shoe, don’t crop your trousers too high. You can crop it slightly above your ankle. But on the other hand, if you’ll be wearing them casually, you can cut it higher to give space for your sneakers or boots.

Combine with Relaxed Trousers

Source: Pinterest

Tired of your skinnies jeans? Perhaps you have to try this type of trousers. Since the early of 2017, relaxed trousers has become men’s favorite bottom wear again. Not only perfect combined with t-shirt, it can be perfectly matched with your stand up collar shirt indeed. Look at this picture, the man choose calm color for his outfit and completed with slip on shoes. This outfit will really comfort you in your activities a whole day.

There are so many options and different looks you can find out there, but the real vogue is something you put on your body that is fit on you and make you feel comfortable. Keep on reading RilyfeID to get input and inspiration for your men outfit.

“The real vogue is something you put on your body that is fit on you and make you feel comfortable.” – RilyfeID

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