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 What is Trove Market?
Trove Market is an annual event that held to gather Indonesian bloggers especially fashion and beauty bloggers to exchange stories and share experiences about make-up, skincare, fashion, business, and many else. And the most important is they also will sell their preloved fashion items to visitors that starts only from IDR 20,000. This is really fascinating! Yeay!

I (and also some of Instagram fashion influencers) were very lucky to get the official invitation from Trove Market to attend at this event this year. Yes, this year, Trove Market will be held again in Fx Mall Sudirman Level 3 from November 30th until December 3rd. So there are still 2 days left guys to show yourself in this event.

When you enter the gate of Trove Market 2017, you will find some booths that sold fashion items. Kesha Ratuliu, Dewi Paramitha, Jasmine Nadiko, Chea NuhDinda Nadila, Chianty GunawanAgatha Pricilla, Sivia Azizah, Febiola Novita, and Agatha Valerie, also there with their preloved fashion items. Everything is sold from only IDR 20,000 guyss! I had saw some of their items, and really cute! So especially for the girls, hmm, prepare your money to steal their style for sure! And for boyyyss, don't miss the talkshow with Aldo Lim and Reza Pahlevi in the next days. There are still many interesting sessions that can be found in Trove Market, so just jump over to their instagram to see more information.

The situation of Trove Market 2017 in Fx Mall Sudirman.

So! What were I get in the opening of Trove Market event two days ago? Below are the rundown that I captured from Instagram Trove Market:

Rundown of Opening Trove Market 2017 on November 30th.

Unfortunately, since the opening of this event was held on weekday, I couldn't join all the sessions because I was still on office until 6pm. And bad thing, I missed the fashion show from Oemah Etnik that I also really really want to see. Huhu.

The first session I joined after strolling around the booths is fashion show from Young Woong. This one is also the most awaited moment to be captured by me. Why? The interesting thing about Young Woong is on their unique design and cheerful color selection. Bertha Puspita Sari, the designer of Young Woong, features Korean's art and culture in her design. I am so pampered with their new collection. Here are some photos that I captured from Young Woong show:

Young Woong fashion show on Trove Market 2017

Young Woong fashion show on Trove Market 2017
Young Woong fashion show on Trove Market 2017
Young Woong fashion show on Trove Market 2017
Young Woong fashion show on Trove Market 2017
Young Woong fashion show on Trove Market 2017

Looks ya! Very fascinating! Cute! Gemasssh! I really want one to take home. Haha.

Then, I also sat among of many girls at there (accompanied my friend now) to heed a talk show with one of Indonesia's famous beauty blogger, Tasya Farasya (IG name: @tasyafarasya), and owner of skincare Bhumi (IG name: @bhumiofficial). They are really beautiful, humble, and kind. I though it will only useful for girls because many subjects are about make-up, but ymhh I'm wrong, I think it was also useful for men, because they also discuss about tips how to take care of our face. Especially, after the MC suddenly pointed me to give one of the question:

MC: "Nah there is a man out there! (He walked closer to me)", I had expected that I think I would be pointed by this MC from the first time because I'm only a man that sat among others audience. Sh*t, my prediction is right! Hahaha. And omg I do not know what I would ask actually! LOL.

Me: "Omg, actually I don't know what I would ask because I don't put make-up on my skin. Hahaha." Also with the audience, laughing. "Inka (my friend that sat beside me), I think you're the one who should ask a question." But she doesn't want to ask any question and just laughing. -_-

MC: "Any question...", forced.

Me: "Ok ok", I surrendered. "I think this question will be asked for both, Ka Tasya and Bhumi. Because Men don't use make-up when go out, so how to overcome and minimize the oil on my face so as not too visible. Honestly, my skin is an oily type. So is there any suggestion?"

And here are the answered from Tasya and Bhumi,

Tasya: "Put some powder on your skin. Really. You can put powder lightly which has a same color with your skin. It is okay because only you who know. Haha. But it sure can reduce the oil look on your face."

Bhumi: "You can also use some skincare that can overcome oil on your face. For example, is face oil. Do not think that face oil is only applied to those who has dry skin. It also can be applied to those who has oily skin. You can put the face oil after all night treatment before sleeping. And in Bhumi, face oil is one of best seller product. Also, for oily skin, use skincare that less sebamed content, or no sebamed at all is better."

Ok, so I can conclude that men are not wrong to use some powder in their face to only reduce the oily look in their face. Maybe not for daily use ya, but when attending some events, like wedding or another big events, which your look will be a concern for others. But, a treatment from inside is much better. I, honestly, already have some skincare to take care my skin, both for daylight and night, but I just knew that for oily skin, we should use skincare products with less or not have sebamed content. Wow, ok it's a new knowledge for me! Hihi. 

Thank you Tasya Farasya and Bhumi for the advice! :)
Eh ya, if you want to try and have some of Bhumi products, you can visit their booth in Trove Market 2017, the booth is in front of the stage. Bhumi is a skincare shop that made with natural ingredients. Bhumi can be found in Grand Indonesia and some malls, also in 1 month later, Bhumi will be sold in Watsons. They want to get closer to their customer and ease their customers to find their products anywhere. BUUUT, if you're quite lazy to catch their store, you also can have their products by online shopping at their official web

From left: MC - Tasya Farasya - Bhumi Official.

So, I think that's all guys that I can review about the Opening Trove Market 2017 event on November 30th.

Special thanks to Trove Market committee for having me in this event, Tasya Farasya and Bhumi Official for their advice, and of course my partner that accompanied me in this event, Inka Tiara Putri.

Bonus photo:

From left: Inka (make-up) - Tasya (make-up pro) - Me (no make-up, skincare yes) Hahaha #palingitem.

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