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Haaaaaaaai RILYFErs ! It's been a long time I don't write any articles in my blog ya! Hmm recently I was so busy and I'm actually in not a good mood for writing. Even now, I still have to go to work in Dec 26, 27, 28 where my mood actually is already in a long holiday, Pft.

Guys, do you like watching YouTube? Me, SUPER YES. I spend almost 4/5 hours at outdoor. So I don't have time to watch TV, and YouTube is my medicine to heal my boring time, when I'm in train or in my spare time at office. Moreover, to be honest, recently I DO NOT LIKE many TV programs in TV Indonesia. Many of them have not been quality lately. They are very fake, not educating, and just boring. Who agree??? Maybe some of TV programs that I still watch are Weekend List (NetTV), Entertainment News (NetTV), Breakout (NetTV), iLook (NetTV), Tukang Ojek Pengkolan (RCTI), and Dunia Terbalik (RCTI). Yes only that, which mostly are weekend TV programs.

Now, I prefer to watch YouTube which has many unique programs that are in accordance with our interests. Oke without further ado, I will share you 10 MY FAVORITE YOUTUBE CHANNEL LATELY !


Picture 1  Helena and Ethan. Twinnie in Hiho Kids.

The most favorite YouTube channel in my version is HIHO KIDS for sure! Who doesn't love watching those lovely kids!?!

So what are inside of Hiho Kids YouTube Channel actually?

Before I subscribed this channel, I was scrolling my Facebook timeline and see a video of some kids that are trying Indonesian foods. The kids are asked to taste the foods that they never hear or try before, and then give some comments about it. Because of they are so innocent, the video is really entertaining for me. Then I search it on YouTube to know more. I found it! It is Hiho Kids.

HiHo Kids now already has over than 2M subscribers from around the world. They also now not only has Kids Try program, but also other entertaining programs like Kids Meet, Kids Describe (feat Koji The Illustrator), Mailbag!, What's Popping, Ernie Cooks, and Kids Play.

My favorite kids among them are... Clara!!! Ethan and Helena! And Austin also. Haha. They are so cute. If you want to watch some videos of them too, let's jump over to their YouTube channel and click the link below:

Click here >> HIHO KIDS

2. Space #

Picture 2  Meja Gunjing program

I think I became their subscriber within these two months ya, not sure. I was recommended by my friend. I thought it was only a 'gak jelas' video at first, but after I watched the complete video. LOL it was really funny and entertaining. Meja Gunjing is the most favorite program on Space #. The host is Allan Wangsa. He was in one of Reality Show TV Program before, 'Big Brother Indonesia'. You must know this program. And the co-host is Andre Bailing. I never heard before about him. But he's just funny and annoying (?). Hahahaha.

I think, as people who spend the most time in Jakarta for working or hangout, this program really gives you another insights of Jakarta's real life. Behind the beauty and splendor of people living in Jakarta, there are something that you do not know. And this program will give you that information. It is more like Jakarta Undercover. Wkwkwk.

Now, Space # already has more than 341k subscribers. WOW! And if you want to watch some videos of them too, let's jump over to their YouTube channel and click the link below:

Click here >> MEJA GUNJING

3. Allan Wangsa

Picture 3  Masisya program

After Meja Gunjing, Allan Wangsa also build a new program named Masisya (Makan Siang Syahdu). Actually this program is so crunchy ya. BUT I LOVE IT. Hahaha. Allan and Bailing take some endorse of foods and clothes in this video. They wear their clothes and taste the foods, give the comments and rating. While eating, they talk some updated gossips. Haha. 

They upload video on every Thursday at 12pm, so they will accompany your lunch time as they channel program ya. They now already has over than 21k subscribers. AND... they promise to have MUKBANG in EUROPE  when they achieve 50k subscribers! I can't wait for that! So help them to reach 50k subscribers gengs! Hehe.

Click here >> MASISYA

4. Gudang Kartun'90

Picture 4  Chibi Maruko Chan cartoon film

Although I'm already 2* yo, I am still a cartoon lover! Is it only me or you too? Hands up guys! Haha.

My favorite cartoon is Doraemon and Chibi Maruko Chan. In this channel, I mostly watch Chibi Maruko Chan film. Actually, some of Chibi Maruko Chan videos also come up in my YouTube home, and I watch them without see what YouTube channel is it. But for your recommendation, I will share you the channel that I subscribed ya! It is in Bahasa.

If you want to flashback to your childhood, let's go watching again Chibi Maruko Chan. I mostly watch this while eating my lunch. They now already has almost 19k subscribers.


5. Doraemon Terbaru

Picture 5  Doraemon cartoon film

Doraemon!!!!!!!! My favorite cartoon for a whole time since I was 5! This cartoon is never die ya! Even the show time on TV is same since I was child, in Indonesia, it's aired up on RCTI every Sunday morning at 8am. Haha.

But mostly, I woke up late in every Sunday. So I always skip this film. And to watch some Doraemon videos, I watch it on YouTube. As a marker that I have watched the film, I like the video. To ensure I won't watch the same title. Hehe.

Same like Maruko, I watch Doraemon without seeing the YouTube channel, but mostly, I watch Doraemon from this YT Channel which I describe as well. They now already has 227k subscribers.

Click here >> DORAEMON

6. Patricia Gouw

Picture 6  Patricia Gouw YouTube video

Patricia Gunawan or Patricia Gouw is one of super talented women that I know. She is a Top 3 Asia's Next Top Model Cycle 4, a talented MC, a TV host for entertainment news, and an Instagram influencer. 

Oya, YouTuber also! Hihi.

She now already has over than 81k subscribers on her YouTube channel. People are interested on her because PatGouw is so unique. She is a funny and humble person. Although she is so famous now, I can see that she is a good person from the way she socializes and speaks. I love watching her travelling videos and talk show videos. Really entertaining. But she rarely posts the videos, so I'm really waiting for your next video PatGouw! Please upload more videos! (Hopefully she reads my blog LOL).

Click here >> PATGOUW

7. Nihongo Mantappu

Picture 7  Jerome's vlog when having a haircut in Japan

I think I just became his subscriber within this month. Haha. But actually I already watched one of his videos before, but not sure whether I should subscribe his channel or not. Then a few days ago, I watched again one of his videos, then I watch his related videos, and yes... I subscribed his channel finally! LOL

"Tat taraaat taraarat tarat taraaaat"

Jerome, his name, is a first year student college in Waseda University, Japan. Most of videos in his YouTube channel are vlog while he lives in Japan. For example, he tells the viewers how much cost for haircut in Japan and challenges his friends to taste Indonesian snacks. He is a talkative and funny person. I think that's why he has many subscribers. When I write this post, he already has 480,363 subscribers. WAW! MANTAP JIWA!

Honestly, I enjoyed his videos and many of them are quite informative about how living in Japan. His presentation for his vlogs are good. That's why I decide to subscribe his channel. Keep it up bro and success for your study!

Click here >>  JEROME

8. Jovi Adhiguna Hunter

Picture 8  #JoviJajan is one of my favorite program in Jovi's YouTube Channel

That's one of his favorite words. 

I know Jovi Adhiguna is as Instagram influencer. He is a unique person. No matter people say about him, but I like his personality that very unique and entertaining. I like seeing his Instagram stories that is so refreshing. He always give positive vibes. So when I know he also has YouTube channel, without much thinking, I subscribe it!

Jovi makes video of his daily vlog, travel vlog, and now he also makes #JoviJajan. #JoviJajan is one of his YT program when he's having some foods (mostly street foods). He's usually accompanied by his best friend, Ronald Simanjuntak, in #JoviJajan. He already has more than 212k subscribers. AMAZING RATNA! (Ratna is another his nickname)

Click here >> JOVI ADHIGUNA

9. FemaleDailyNetwork

Picture 9  Funny Video of #FDDudes in FemaleDailyNetwork YouTube Channel

You won't believe that I subscribe this channel right? WKWKWK.
From the YT channel name, it must be a channel for girl.

I know I know.... Haha.
I actually just became their subscribers within this month, when I saw one of their videos about men who are challenged to guess make-up price. #FDDudes is my favorite program, yeah maybe it is the only one program that I watch. This program is SOOOOOO FUNNY! Really!!! Haha.

They already have more than 487k subscribers! Please guys, you should see their videos too, especially #FDDudes!

Click here >> FemaleDailyNetwork

10. Tasya Farasya

Picture 10  Tasya Farasya video

Subscribers: > 1,184,000 

If you are quite shock that I subscribed FemaleDailyNetwork Youtube Channel, you must be super shocked that I followed Tasya Farasya which is almost of her videos are make-up tutorial. HAHAHA.

I already met Tasya Farasya in a talk show event in Fx Sudirman Jakarta, and it was actually because of my friend, Inka, that really wants to see her. I, never heard anything about her before. A few weeks after that event, I followed Tasya's Instagram and suddenly become her fans. She's so funny, guys. Everytime I see her Instagram's story like unboxing her endorse packages. It is quite entertaining. So I also subscribed her YouTube Channel. Idk why, but I just like the way she speaks. She's so humble.

I actually think, omg, I'm a man, but watching a make-up tutorial video. Wkwkwk.
Though, because I always watch her videos, my knowledge about make-up is increased as well. LOL.

Thing that I'm grateful is I already has a selfie photo with Tasya in that talk show event. Thanks Inka. If it is not because of you, I never have that photo. Hehe.

Click here >>  Tasya Farasya



Guys guys guys! Have you know that Whatsapp mobile app has launched their sticker feature? To use this feature, just click the emoticon symbol in the left side of typing box. Then choose the third button like in the picture below:

Photo 01  Button for Whatsapp Sticker Feature

You can use all the stickers provided by Whatsapp like what you always do in Line Chat app. But there is something exciting in Whatsapp Sticker feature. We can make ourselves stickers. Actually I do not know whether it is legal or not. Haha. Because we have to download the third party app, Sticker Maker. And I also still do not know whether we can make the sticker in Whatsapp iPhone or not. Some of my friends said that the third party app is not available in App Store.

So if you an iPhone user and you wanna have your own stickers, you can ask your friends that using Android, then send the stickers to you, you save them, and you can use the stickers. 

Okay, without further ado, I would like to share the information about how to make your own stickers. Come on check it out!

1. Prepare photos or pictures that you want to be created as Whatsapp Stickers. 

I recommend you the picture is already in PNG format with transparent background. It will easier for you when editing and exporting to be a sticker. No cutting needed.

2. Download Sticker Maker app in Google Play Store

Photo 02  Sticker Maker app for Creating Whatsapp Stickers

Naa! This is the most important, you have to download Sticker Maker app in Google Play Store by Viko & Co. developer.

3. Create a New Stickerpack

Photo 03  Basic Step in Creating Whatsapp Stickers
The basic step is creating a new stickerpack. It will give the information of your sticker name and sticker author. That's why you should fill the blank column of Stickerpack Name and Stickerpack Author. I give you the sample in the Photo 03. Then click Create.

4. Choose The Pictures

Photo 04  Choosing the Picture Step in Creating Whatsapp Stickers

From the last picture in Photo 03, you click the Stickername you just made it. Now it's time for you to create your own stickers.

Like Whatsapp that have Profile Picture, this feature asks you too to choose the Tray Icon. The process will be same like the process of choosing the picture for stickers. You can pick the image from Take Photo by your camera or Select File which means you take the image from your gallery.

I have made my stickers with bubble words in Photoshop, so I just need to import the file one by one. For the information, you have at least import 3 pictures (exclude Tray Icon).

 5. Editing Your Stickers

Photo 05  Editing the Picture Step (Without Cutting) in Creating Whatsapp Stickers

As I said to you before, I recommend to use sticker with transparent background because it will be easier. No edit needed. You can see in Photo 05, after you import the image. You only need:
  • click the button in right above
  • click Use Without Cutting

Voila! It's done! You can repeat this step for another images ya. Remember, at least 3 stickers to continue for publishing the sticker pack.

Naaa, if your image doesn't have transparent background, you need to cut the sticker. Draw an outline with your finger or stylus pen to select sticker area. You can use pinch-to-zoom to draw in better detail. But you cannot do zoom-in-zoom-out while drawing the outline.

Photo 06  Editing the Picture Step (With Cutting) in Creating Whatsapp Stickers

6. Publish Your Sticker

Photo 07  Publish Your Stickers

If you're done with your stickers making, then it's time to publish it. Click Publish Sticker Pack --> YES, PUBLISH.

Photo 08  Publish Your Sticker

7. Add Stickers to Whatsapp app

Photo 09  Uploading Stickers to Whatsapp app

The last step is uploading your sticker pack to Whatsapp. There will be an advertisement but just close it, and click ADD to upload the stickers to Whatsapp app.

IT'S A WRAP! Now you open again your Whatsapp and check the stickers. You already have your own stickers!

But, something bad is I still don't know how to remove the stickers that already added to Whatsapp. Hahaha. So until now, please be wise what stickers that you want to upload. Don't make your whatsapp are full of waste stickers. Wkwkwk.

I will info you again if I already know how to remove it, or maybe you've already know? Please share to me in the comment box! Haha.

Thank you guys! Enjoy your Whatsapp stickers!



It's an honor to be able to collaborate with Jakarta Fashion Week 2019 as one of their official bloggers. Besides getting some special ticket invitations, I hope that through this I can inspire many people out there. Like a story that I experienced, it turns out there are still Indonesians youths who don't (or haven't yet) want to use batik because it's considered as an old-fashioned thing. Batik as one of the Nusantara's heritage deserves to be the pride of the Indonesian people. I wonder why there are people who don't like batik, well I know this is a matter of taste, but batik is very beautiful in my eyes. Like these batik collections designed by one of my favorite designers, Anne Avantie. She is so aware of how to juggle batik not only as a body wrap, but as an identity and jewelry for people who wear it.

In the last Jakarta Fashion Week 2019, Anne Avantie again showcased her fashion designs. Carrying out the theme "Badai Pasti Berlalu", Anne Avantie wanted to convey a message to the Indonesian people, specifically citizens of Palu, Donggala and Lombok who had recently been victims of natural disasters, that everyone has a grief, but it must pass. Amazingly, in addition of her fashion showcase, to express her empathy for Palu, Donggala and Lombok, Anne Avantie together with PT Sido Muncul also donated 10 fishing boats to victims of natural disasters in Palu, Donggala and Lombok. 

She is not Anne Avantie, if she does not convey a moral message in each of her shows. As in every post on her Instagram, she will provide motivation to Indonesian women. Wow, she's really inspiring. That's why I love her so much.  

Photo 01  Anne Avantie received many flower bouquets from her beloved family and friends. 
Bringing out woven fabric as the main material, Anne Avantie gave magical touches from her cold hands. It became clothes that are light-looked, fashionable, and beautiful. The woven is conjured up into long pants, scarves, outwear, and top-wear. In addition, woven fabrics are combined with Indonesian brocade kebaya. As in the picture below:

Photo 02  Anne Avantie's Collection for #JFW2019
Why woven fabric? There was a special meaning to be conveyed by Anne Avantie. Still related to the theme "Badai Pasti Berlalu", the meaning she wanted to convey was a continuity of performance of the weaving craftsmen needed so that this woven fabric could be created. In that way, the craftsmen can support to live their families. So, again a message that we must go through all obstacles to continue the next stage of life.

Anne Avantie's stage performance at the Jakarta Fashion Week 2019 was so amazing! Anne Avantie showcased 50 of her clothes and hooked up a number of public figures who were much favored by many people. One of them is Patricia Gouw, my favorite ya! Haha. That’s why I chose the photo cover of this post. 

Photo 03  Anne Avantie's Collection for #JFW2019
Other public figures are Maia Estianty, Artika Sari Devi, Rayi RAN, Marion Jola, Surya Saputra, Tantri KOTAK, Kimmy Jayanti, and Titi Rajo Bintang. And do not miss this person everyone, she's the most favorite of Indonesian people, the Ministers of Marine and Fisheries who was also always filled the Anne Avantie' stage, Ibu Susi Pudjiastuti.

Photo 04  Anne Avantie's Collection for #JFW2019
Ibu Susi Pudjiastuti, came out at the final session of the show using a long coat of woven fabrics, black heels boots, sunglasses, big round earrings, and hair scarves from woven fabrics. A warm welcome came out as Ibu Susi stepped into the # JFW2019 catwalk, including Kahiyang Putri, Daughter of the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo. Ibu Susi's eccentric style made her look like much younger. Almost all cameras are fixed on her, 'Semua Mata Tertuju Padamu', she’s the real Miss Indonesia! : D

Photo 05  Ibu Susi Pudjiastuti in Anne Avantie's Collection for #JFW2019
Are you curious about some of Anne Avantie's other collections, let's see guys!

Photo 06  Anne Avantie's Collection for #JFW2019
Photo 07  Anne Avantie's Collection for #JFW2019
Photo 08  Anne Avantie's Collection for #JFW2019
Photo 09  Anne Avantie's Collection for #JFW2019
Photo 10  Anne Avantie's Collection for #JFW2019
Photo 11  Anne Avantie's Collection for #JFW2019
Photo 12  Anne Avantie's Collection for #JFW2019
Photo 13  Anne Avantie's Collection for #JFW2019
Photo 14  Anne Avantie's Collection for #JFW2019
Photo 15  Anne Avantie's Collection for #JFW2019
What do you think about Anne Avantie's batik collections guys? Me, LOVE it so much! Indonesian Batik is one of the fashionable everlasting fabric. It can be combined with many fashion items that we have at home. The results are always fantastic. Batik for me is not only a fabric to wrap your body but a precious cultural heritage that we need to preserve.

So please, love batik! 

"Batik for me is not only a fabric to wrap your body 
but a precious cultural heritage 
that we need to preserve.",
- Rizky Ardinsyah -



One of my favorite runaway is 'Style Theory'. Carrying out the Spring Summer 2019 collection, Paulina Katarina, Rani Hatta, and Day and Night gave a new experience that truly spoiled the guests' eyes who attended Jakarta Fashion Week 2019 Day-3. Paulina Katarina and Rani Hatta chose colors that were striking in their collections, and totally different for Day and Night which took basic colors like black, white, and gray.

Photo 01  Designers of Day and Night, Paulina Katarina, Rani Hatta.

Paulina Katarina

Carrying out the theme of "Santorini Romance", Paulina Katarini showcased beautiful dresses with light fabrics. Their cutting gives a freedom of movement for the wearer. The choice of colors is very beautiful, really illustrates the ambiance of Spring and Summer. This is an interesting collection for Indonesia women in the summer season next year.

Photo 02  Some of Paulina Katarina's Collection for #JFW2019.

Rani Hatta

Bring out their rangers: @fabellrt as Pink Ranger, @naranararu as Blue Ranger, @anastliee as Red Ranger, @xjfritzx as Yellow Ranger, and @rosydiadam as Green Ranger, Rani Hatta gives a fresh nuance to the guests. Their outer collection from hoodies to long coat are very cool. Like their mission, making an outfit more than just a cover for our bodies, but a point of view towards our life. Then the details of their clothes really reflect Rani Hatta characteristics, for example the Chuck Taylor's laces which describes equality and no boundaries.

Photo 03  Some of Rani Hatta's Collection for #JFW2019.

Day and Night

Totally different from the previous runaways, Day and Night featured their typical collections with dominant black, white, and gray. Carrying out "I See You See Me" theme, inspired by kids wear details during 5-15th century, they combined it with mature modern details. They say that their collection is now much more technical compared to their previous collection. For example with 1 basic pattern, they can transform into two pieces of clothes with completely different styles. It is due to different sewing technique. Honestly, I myself was amazed by this Day and Night collection, their cutting is unique and unusual, giving the impression of today's independent women.

Photo 04  Some of Day and Night's Collection for #JFW2019.
Well, if you are curious about their collection, I have compiled some videos and Instagram Stories into one video that you can watch by clicking this link: 

But beforehand I apologized if there is only one video of Rani Hatta when only all models come out. Because at that time I did IG Live for the Rani Hatta collection only, meanwhile IG Live video couldn't be saved. Huhu. I'm so regret it. I should just record it normally, then I submit it to IG TV rather than doing IG Live. I think by submitting to IG TV, everyone can watch repetedly.

Okay no problem ya, it can be a lesson for me for the future show. Hehe. So happy watching guys!



"I really just want to be warm yellow light that pours over everyone I love,"
Conor Oberst (American Musician & Song Lyric Writer)

How dare you wear yellow as the center of point in your outfit?

Louis Jacket in Yellow by Tenue De Attire

About two months before Jakarta Fashion Week began, I found an online shop from ads on Instagram, @tenuedeattire. I opened their Instagram and I love their eye-catching feeds at my first sight. #Tsah

Photo 01  Instagram Feeds of @tenuedeattire.
I thought it was a global/international brand because the model I saw in Instagram ads is a foreign model, which after I found out he was Hamzin Ruslan (IG: @hamzin__ruslan), one of model from Russia at Plaza Indonesia Men Fashion Week on last September. 

Photo 02  Hamzin Ruslan for Tenue De Attire
After I stalked more and it turned out Tenue De Attire to be a local brand, I became more interested in buying. You know if it is global brand and I have to buy from outside of Indonesia, the shipping fee will be quite expensive, maybe it could be same as the cloth price. Haha. 

I love their clothing collections and I like the way they present their products to be looked so exclusive.

One that is very eye-catching is this "Louis Jacket in Yellow". Waaa! Super cute. But at that time, I was still thinking whether to buy it or choose another color, until the end of one month before #JFW2019, I know that this Yellow Louis Jacket has made me falling in love. And I bough it! Special to be wore for Jakarta Fashion Week Day-1.

I also like their kind and professional service. Honestly I chose the wrong size. I previously ordered M size, but it was still too big. I would like to change with S size. Then I asked them if it could be exchanged or not, and they said "Yes". I was really relieved at that time. They also didn't charge the shipping fee that they had to bear when sending back the item to me. Wow, their service is the best. Love it! Not to mention I got a 10% discount on my first purchase on their official site,

What about the quality?

Photo 03  Louis Jacket in Yellow by @tenuedeattire.

Hey no play play! This Yellow Louis Jacket is tailored from cotton twill material. Actually it is like a denim, but in a soft version. For me, it is really comfortable to wear. It has two front pockets that are big enough to carry our everyday needs like phone, wallet, even phone charger! LOL. But ya, just consider if you bring a lot items in your pockets, it will make your breast bigger. Hahaha.

Photo 04  Rizky Ardinsyah's OOTD for JFW 2019 Day-1 in Tenue De Attire's jacket.

Squares Black Shirt by ID The Executive

For the top wear, I wore a shirt with a squares pattern from @id_theexecutive. One of the brands from Delami Group. This shirt can be easily found because the official store of The Executive is easily found in almost all big malls/shopping centers. I choose black so that the yellow jacket that I wear as my outwear can look more outstanding.

Black Pants

In order not to have too much colors, I wore black formal pants from, also, @id_theexecutive. This is the formal pants that I usually wear in the office. To make it look more casual, I fold the bottom of the pants twice to the inside. This will make your pants magically changed into cropped pants. This is also a trick to make you taller. LOL.

Photo 05  Fathmah & Rizky's OOTD for JFW 2019 Day-1

White Sneakers from Zara

As the closing of overall outfit, I chose my white sneakers from @Zara. This is my favorite sneakers. White sneakers with army accents on the soles. The combination of yellow and black will be more attractive when added white. An attractive color combination to used both during  at the day and at the night.

Bag and Glasses

For my accessories, I use this army green bag from Berrybenka Label. I like this bag because it can be used as a backpack or handbag. The size is quite big enough to bring all everyday needs like changing clothes, chargers, wallets, perfumes, and many others. But the size isn't look big. 

Then for my glasses, I bought online at Tokopedia. It's not a reading glasses, just fashion glasses. Hehehe.

Photo 05  Rizky Ardinsyah's OOTD for JFW 2019 Day-1 with Berrybenka Label Bag.
So what do you think about my outfit guys? Do you also like or maybe ever wearing unusual colors n your outfit? Please share it in the comment box, who knows, maybe it can be an inspiration for me or other readers. Thank you!



The fashion industry continues to grow and shows significant development. The need of better style encourages creative fashion industry to continue developing new innovations. That is what Jakarta Fashion Week 2019 has used in their programs, Indonesia Fashion Forward and Fashionlink Showroom & Market.

Fashion may appear to be different between one and each other. Because fashion is about taste. Before the mid-19th century, almost all clothing was handmade for individuals. Then in the beginning of the 20th century, after sewing machine was more improved, the development of clothing industry had increasingly come to be mass-produced. And now, fashion industry has become a good business. There are many fashion designers with their own design style. The economic, lifestyle, and technology condition, greatly influence the development of fashion style differences.

With such diversity, Jakarta Fashion Week 2019 has a program to bridge the interaction between designers, industry players, and fashion consumers, both domestic and abroad. If you came to Jakarta Fashion Week or Fashionlink Showroom & Market, you may see guest from abroad. This opportunity was taken by #JFW2019 to introduce the amazing work of our local designers to global retail representatives. I, myself, am proud to see the works either that displayed at the Fashion Tent or exhibited at Fashionlink Showroom & Market. Suppose I have unlimited money, I have already bought them all. Hahaha.

Photo 01  One of local label, Junno, in Fashionlink Showroom & Market #JFW2019.
Fashionlink Showroom & Market by JFW 2019 was held on the 8th floor of Senayan City Mall. No need entrance ticket, by only register at the front desk, you'll get the access to the strolling around this place. After registration, we would be welcomed by several beverages tenants, such as PT Gemilang Ardesy Indonesia, Toraja Coffee, and Gulu Gulu.

Photo 02  Toraja Coffee in Fashionlink Showroom & Market #JFW2019.
Photo 03  PT Gemilang Ardesy Indonesia in Fashionlink Showroom & Market #JFW2019.
Photo 04  Gulu Gulu in Fashionlink Showroom & Market #JFW2019.
In the first time we enter the exhibition area, we then would be welcomed by Anne Avantie's clothing collection that automatically attracted us to visit her booth because her collection that so charming. We also can find other various fashion collections from local labels encompasses women's wear, men's wear, accessories, shoes, sandals, hijab, and make-up.

Photo 05  Anne Avantie in Fashionlink Showroom & Market #JFW2019.
Photo 06  Syahira in Fashionlink Showroom & Market #JFW2019.

Talk Show with @Oxcel

Not only fashion exhibition, in Fashionlink Showroom & Market there was also talk show events with various speakers like fashion designers, beauty bloggers, influencers, model, and many more. One of the schedule that I attended was a talk show with model and fashion designer Oxcelira Paryana (IG: @oxcel) about her fashion work in the collaboration with Disney's The Nutcracker and The Four Realms. Oxcel is a cover girl model in 2007, she also played several films. And now she has her own label, @oxceloxcel (official site: Carrying out the concept of free expression with fresh idea, enigmatic, statement, and fun attire, Oxceloxcel presents her design in a unique way.

Let us see her some of Oxceloxcel's collection:

Photo 07  Some of Oxceloxcel's Collection.
This time, Oxcel was invited to be a speaker because she would tell how she could have a collaboration with Disney and at the same time she also would tell her four pieces for Disney. So, Oxcel was contacted by Gadis Magazine to join the Disney's The Nutcracker project. Although Oxcel is a Disney lover, Oxcel has never watched the movie. The movie would be released in the theater on November. But after she knew the character in The Nutcracker movie which makes an independent woman as the main character, Oxcel surely couldn't reject this project. She then explored the information about this movie with Disney Indonesia.

Photo 08  Disney The Nutcracker and the Four Realms

For Oxcel, this is a new challenge. She who is accustomed to making ready-to-wear and street style clothes, must make a night gown. Oxcel created a pattern and cut the fabric by herself for this project.

Well, are you curious about this night gown made by Oxcel for Disney? Let's discuss briefly one by one:

Photo 09  Look 1 to Look 4 of Oxcel's Pieces for Disney Project
Look 1: This is a gown with white color accented with a gold key picture. The key is a symbol of secret in the movie of The Nutcrack

Look 2: This gown is identical to the main character in the Nutcracker movie, Clara, who is identical in red.

Look 3: A black dress with a wing like a bat with a gold accent. This gown has the word design "Secret" on the front which is formed in an inverse-heart design. this inverse-heart means that we have to be confident because the perspective we have is maybe different with others. At the back there is a special gold lines taken from the Nutcracker story that there will be a golden thread on the character's birthday.

Photo 10  Look 3 of Oxcel's Piece for Disney.

Look 4: This is inspired by Mother Ginger with a dominant color of golf and black. This is one of Oxcel's favorites because it is considered to be the most difficult work to make. But even si, due to long and difficult process, Oxcel became more and more in love with this dress.

Photo 11  Look 4 of Oxcel's Piece for Disney.

For more details about Oxcel's work, you can see them directly. WOW, WHERE? Alright guys, Oxcel will participate the exhibition at Main Atrium of Pacific Place Mall starting on October 26th 2018 to November 18th 2018 to showcase her four pieces of Oxcel's work in collaboration with Disney's The Nutcracker and the Four Realms. So in each of her gowns, there will be also a behind story of the gown.

One more information, there will be Exclusive Premium Gift for 5 (five) lucky persons who:
1. Come to the exhibition in Main Atrium of Pacific Place Mall
2. Take a photo with one of Oxcel's pieces
3. Post the photo in Instagram
4. Write the best caption like why do you choose that gown
5. Tag and mention @gadismagz and @oxceloxcel
6. Use hashtag #gadisxoxcel
7. Tag and also invite your friend to join the competition

So guys, how do you think about the events of JFW 2019 Fashionlink Showroom & Market? I can't wait for Jakarta Fashion Week next year. For those of you who didn't have the opportunity to come to JFW this year, please make sure to come in the next year! Let's see the runaway together at #JFW2020!

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