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Indonesia Fashion Week is again held this year, from March 28th until April 1st 2018.
Indonesia is a country with surrounded by the endless of natural resources 
and local knowledge along with an abundance of creative people.
The richness of Indonesian culture inspires the theme of IFW this year, "Cultural Identity". 
Various Indonesian famous fashion designers show their ethnic creation.
And I'm so in love with the all performance.

Indonesia Fashion Week 2018 is held at Plenary Hall Jakarta Convention Center. We should have an entry ticket to enter the venue which can be bought at the ticket box of IDR 25,000 or can be bought at Tokopedia. We also can get IFW merchandise and cashback IDR 5,000 if we buy from Tokopedia (it is written in the T&C of Tokopedia haha). I just knew it today btw, so the ticket Day-1 I bought it in ticket box, but for Friday show, I already bought the ticket from Tokopedia. The cashback is true! I got a cashback of IDR 5,000 in the form of Tokocash which can deduct our payment in the next shopping at Tokopedia and about the merchandise, I will tell you in my IG story ya tomorrow whether I will get the merchandise or not. Haha. (Click here to buy the ticket)

In the Plenary Hall of JCC, the high fashion and modern ethnic products are displayed in many tenants. There are also talk-shows and seminars that held by IFW 2018. Naaa, to watch the fashion show, we should register in their official web to get the ticket invitation. Thing you have to know in every fashion show event, the tickets are super fast SOLD OUT. So, you have to register yourself much earlier. I don't know exactly where the registration is opened, but when I saw the official web one week before the show, the registration is opened. The ticket invitation is free by the way. (Click here to see the show schedule)

With whom I go anyway? She is again... Fathmah! Hahaha.

And what did we wear to attend the show? Let's see!

Picture 1 Rizky's OOTD

To match the theme of Indonesia Fashion Week, Cultural Identity, of course I should wear Batik as the main course. But I combined it with a black blazer and black ankle slim-fit trousers.

Batik Shirt

I choose my brown batik shirt that has Songket pattern. I like this pattern because it can give an elegant classy look. But, this is not really made from Songket hehe. I bought this shirt really randomly. I was accompanying my friend to search something in the shopping center. While she was searching the item she wanted to buy, I took a look at men fashion area. Then I saw this batik which made me fall in love at the first sight. Ea. Haha. Can you guess the price?

Below than IDR 100,000 ! Hwaaaa! I bought two pieces in the end. And my friend just shook her head. Haha.

Brand Name: Channel Man
Shopping Center Name: Ramayana, Bogor Square.


IFW 2018 is a big event. I think I should wear something that look more formal. Hence I chose a blazer. This blazer was actually just be bought one night before haha. And the number size is the one and the only. Hwaaa I guess it is my soulmate. LOL.

Brand Name: H&M
Size Number: 46


For bottom wear, I choose a slim fit trousers. But I modify into an ankle trousers hehe. How?

It is really simple, just double-fold the pants to the inside. Take it easy! The fold will not be visible because it will be a bit disguised of black. Voila! You just have an ankle slim fit trousers! Hahaha.

Brand Name: The Executive Indonesia
Size Number: 30
Type: Slim Fit


Picture 2 Tassel Black by Toods
To complete my classy outfit, I also should wear the classy shoes! Yeay this is it! My loafer shoes. This shoes is a local product that made in Bandung. It is a genuine leather and rubber out-sole with high pressure cementing construction.

Tassel Black is the collection type code of Toods Footwear. I bought this shoes from Tokopedia, but you can see their collection in Instagram. (Click here to see their collection in Instagram)

Brand Name: Toods Footwear
Size: 41 (26,5cm)


How can I bring all my stuffs without my clutch?

It is impossible for me to wear backpack to go to this event, omg it will be not matched anyway with my blazer and batik. Hahaha. So I bring my clucth, and this is one of my favorite clucth. It is black and match my blazer.

It has eight card slots, so it quite helps me to arrange my eKTP, ATMs, Commuterline, and CC cards.

Brand Name: AB
Shop Place: VIP Plaza (Click here to buy)

Beside of my OOTD, I will also share my friend OOTD.
Actually we were quite dilemma about what colors that we would wear, before finally I choose my brown batik shirt.

At first, Fathmah said she will wear his pink batik cloth. To match her, then I try my red batik shirt but I didn't really like the color combination. So I keep with my brown batik. 

I suggest Fathmah to wear black top-wear in order to match my blazer haha. And for batik accent, I suggest her to wear a batik scarf with an ethnic necklace. Fortunately, she has that batik scarf with West Sumatra pattern. 

About the bottom-wear, she wore a trousers from The Executive. It was also just bought a day before. Haha. 

The last one, pashmina. Its material made from wool, so it is quite warm and suitable to attend the event in cool place or in the night event. 

So here is her full outfit!

Picture 3 Fathmah's OOTD

How about our look guys? Please let me know what do you think in the comment box! Or also, please share your favorite OOTD when attending the fashion show event or formal event, if you don't mind. Hehe

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