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Indonesia Fashion Week 2018 Day-3 features a single show from SHAFIRA Muslim Fashion and various famous designers who are involved in the theme " The Heritage of Ancient Komodo", 
such as Itang Yunasz, Kunce, Sonny Muchlison, Agnes Budhisurya, and many more.
Of course, batik still plays the main role of all the collections, due to the #IFW2018 theme, 'Cultural Identity'.

Hi guys! I'm back again to share my OOTD when attending the Indonesia Fashion Week 2018 Day-3. Why is Day-3? Where was Day-2 or maybe the days after? Haha. I'm sorry I couldn't attend the Day-2 because I should go to the dentist, urgent need. Actually I really really want to go to see the Anne Avantie show, but, sigh, I really couldn't come. And for the days after, Saturday & Sunday, I couldn't go because of another appointments.

However, I'm so happy I could go to see the IFW 2018 this year! And I can't wait to see the IFW next year!

Absorbing Japanese Style

Like the first day, I still put batik as the main course in my look. A bit different as before which I wore batik as the first layer and put blazer as the second layer. At the third day, I wore batik as the outwear.

Absorbing Japanese style, I wear my batik kimono as the outwear with a black shirt in the first layer. And I deliberately let the shirt sleeves out so that the batik can stand out better. Guys, maybe batik kimono is more famous in the woman fashion. My friend, Fauzy Syarifah, has a fashion business by selling batik kimono outwear for women. You can see their instagram at @__syrfh or click here to open it. Their collection are gorgeous! 

But unfortunately, she still focus on women collection and haven't sold yet the outwear for men. I already had a chit-chat with her, and I said that this outwear are not potentially bought by women, but also by the men. And she said that she already think about it, but maybe not now. I ensure her that I will be her first customer if she really sells it. Haha.

Yeah, I think batik kimono is also suitable for men outwear. It depends on the design. With more manly look, a lot of men certainly will buy it. Especially with the use of batik fabric, everyone became more interested. This can also be a good potential in preserving one of our cultural heritage.

So, waiting for Papaw (her nickname)'s men collection, I made it by myself. LOL. Eh eh, I mean I didn't really make it by myself. I just go search in the google, how is the kimono or yukata for men look like? Then I ask my friend's mother who is used to sew clothes to realize my imagination. Wkwkwk.

Incidentally, I have quite a lot of batik that has not been sewn yet. My little brother always brought me batik fabric if he went to many cities in Indonesia for business trip. And this batik is from Padang.

Men in Black

Picture 1 Rizky's OOTD at IFW 2018 Day-3

Black is still be my favorite color for IFW 2018. I don't know why. But since this event is held at the night, I only want to be look more elegant. And tell me which colors are more elegance than black? Haha.

The second reason, is black can be the most neutral first layer to be mix and matched with any outwear. So I wear again my black ankle trousers, my current fave loafers shoes from Toods Footwear, and my black clutch. No more detail explanation about these items ya, you can jump over to my previous post to see the detail. Or click here.


Naa, I only want to tell you about this black shirt. It is from H&M which I bought it when it is sale! Hahaha. Only IDR 300,000 for 2 items. I bought the green and black one. Since this is easy iron shirt, the fabric is quite thin, but still comfortable to wore.

Multi-function Outwear

Picture 2 Another look of Rizky's OOTD in the IFW 2018 Day-3
I came across from Bogor to Jakarta to watch this event. To ensure that I won't come late, the one and only favorite transportation is Commuterline! HAHA. But I'm going to die if I've been dressed up like in the Picture 1. Bogor is SUPER HOT like in the hell at that day! Seriously! 😓

I even dressed up in all black has been like a stupid guy, because black absorbs well the sun. So I should not wear my outwear from Bogor. Then when arrived at JCC, I was already late by the way. So I didn't get to wear this batik. Finally I just wore it on my shoulder and let it hang freely. It is OK anyway. Wohaha multi-functional outwear!

I wore my batik outwear in second show, "The Heritage of Ancient Komodo."

So guys that is all about my OOTD story when attending IFW 2018. Lemme know what do you think about this look and could you share me what did you wear to #IFW2018 too or maybe another fashion event?

See you again!

"Batik has a very strong history for Indonesia.
Wearing batik, means we participate in preserving 
one of Indonesia's precious cultural heritage."
--- Rilyfe

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