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"Dream in life, not live in a dream"
Andrea Hirata, the author of Sang Pemimpi.

Who doesn't know Andrea Hirata? He is a famous writer and inspiration figure from Indonesia. His book, Laskar Pelangi and its book series, known by many people both in Indonesia and the world. The story of Laskar Pelangi has been adapted to a movie. The shooting is located in Belitung Island. Since then, the natural beauty of Belitung Island is known by many people. 

On this February (2018), I had an opportunity to visit one of my dream places, Belitung Island. Huaaaa! I was still like dreaming!

So who did I go with? As you can see, this is my squad team that also traveled to Singapore in last 2016. The Klewang's, (from right to left, Fathmah, Guntur, Tusi, and the last one is our boss, Nia (but she was not joined in Singapore trip)). 

In this story, I will tell you how fun our holiday is in this pretty island, like the places that must be visited, the best instagramable photo spots, and what foods should be tasted while in Belitung. Are you curious? Let's read the full story!


In November 2017, we went hangout and spontaneously we decided to have a vacancy together. And in the next day, we set the date in Whatsapp group, then bought the tickets. Random? Yes! 😂 The last trip with them to Singapore was also super random. When there was Air Asia promo ticket, we immediately set the date and purchased the ticket. Hahaha. And for this Belitung trip, we chose February 15-18th 2018. This coincides with the Chinese New Year on February 16th, so we only need to took one day annual leave. But because of this high season, the flight ticket price is quite pricy. It was about IDR 1.44 millions for return ticket (Jakarta-Belitung) using Citilink & Garuda Indonesia. But but, I left earlier than my friends (in Sunday morning), while my friends were back to Jakarta on Sunday afternoon, they took Nam Air for back to Jakarta, so the price is cheaper, about IDR 1.2 millions. FYI, the common flight ticket from Jakarta to Belitung (returns ticket) is usually about IDR 700,000-800,000 (with Nam Air).

Then on January, we decided to took a travel agency. With Fathmah's help, we finally chose Belitung Sky that provided private trip service. Thank you anyway Fathmah who has surveyed on Instagram. She even DM Instagram to several people that she even doesn't know to ask about the credibility of this agency. LOL. 

Hey! I couldn't believe that for the first time, Fathmah made a good decision. Wkwkwk (kidding). Belitung Sky has a super best service. Starting from the itinerary arrangement by Whatsapp chat, they were so patient with us that have a lot of requests and always changed the itinerary schedules. Yes, with Belitung Sky, we also can request the itinerary details if something does not match. They are very nice. Even more so, the price is so friendly!

With only around IDR 1 million per person, we could get a huge hotel, private driver who also being our tour guide, private car, breakfast at hotel, snorkeling, brunch with Mie Belitung & Es Jeruk Kunci, lunch at Kapayang Cottage, and private photographer (this must be the most impotant hahaha). For sure, we were guided to many beautiful places and beaches in Belitung Island. Waaaaa! So happy! Thank you so much Belitung Sky and Mas Ayi (our tour guide)!

And we recommend you all to choose Belitung Sky for your open or private trip in Belitung!


Our itinerary in the first day are Wan Bie Restaurant to eat Mie Belitung and Es Jeruk Kunci, Laskar Pelangi School, Rumah Keong, Museum Kata, Serdang Beach, Vihara Dewi Kwan Yin, and Burung Mandi Beach.

Guys! Before we start, I forgot to tell you that Belitung is super hot! Hot hot hot! Omg wherever you go, you'll feel like in the beach. So, before you start your day, you should use some skin protectors, like sunscreen, sunblock, and other skincare. I usually use my Skin Aqua for face (SPF 50) and Banana Boat (SPF 110) for body, but unfortunately I didn't bring my Skin Aqua. So I use Fathmah's Sunscreen from Laneige (SPF 35). More than that, because I didn't bring all of my skincare, at the night, I use all her skincare. Hahaha. 

I still did my skin treatment because I know that my skin would be exposed by the sun during that four days. As the result, after going back to Jakarta, my skin didn't burn that much. Yeah it is slightly blackened, but it was still proper. So I will share the skincare I use during my holiday in Belitung in the picture below. The second one is BB Pond's Magic Powder that I bought in Thailand last year. Ya this is also a super helper! I only use this thinly on my face to reduce the oily skin look after using sunscreen. And also, as the beauty blogger said, this powder also will help to keep the oil from excessive.

Picture 1 Laneige Sunscreen SPF 35, BB Pond's Magic Powder, Laneige Skin Care.
We were very impatient to arrive at H.A.S. Hanandjoeddin airport, Tanjung Pandan, Belitung. The airport is not big. There is only one gate. So it is more like a bus terminal. When left the airport, Mas Ayi Ramoz (a cool name right? hoho) from Belitung Sky has waited for our coming. He used a paper board (like KPOP fans who is waiting their idol in airport) that written "Welcome Fathmah at Belitung!" LOL.

Mas Ayi then took us to the hotel for check-in and drop our luggage. The hotel is maybe quite far, but because Belitung's traffic is super friendly, we only took about 20 minutes from airport to hotel. If it is Jakarta, maybe we would take 2 hours! Wkwkwk. 

Picture 2 Belitung road situation.

The hotel name is Ocean Hotel. It is not a star hotel, in Indonesia, it is usually said Hotel Melati. Tho' it is only Hotel Melati, but the room is quite huge. In my room, there are two single bed, one closet, one dressing table, TV, AC, balcony, shower (hot and cold), sitting toilet, and two big towels. The room is also clean and everyday the hotel staff will clean our room. With these facilities, I think it is more than just Hotel Melati. Again, we should say thank you to Belitung Sky who had prepared our inn very well.

Picture 3 Ocean Hotel, Belitung.

Mie Belitung & Es Jeruk Kunci

Many people said that you have to taste Mie Belitung & Es Jeruk Kunci if you visit Belitung Island. And Belitung Sky will treat us these Belitung special dish and beverage in Wan Bie Bedulang restaurant. If you say where is the exact restaurant's position? Hmmm.... it is hard for me to say, because I also do not know. Maybe you can ask him >> Ayi Rammoz. Wkkwk.

Picture 4 Wan Bie Restaurant
While the chef cooked our meals in the kitchen, we took some photos in here (because it is still 8am, the only customers in this restaurant are us). Haha. Also, we put on our sunblock and make up for the girls.

Picture 5 Muka-muka Kelaparan
Yeaay our Es Jeruk Kunci come first...
Although it is Es (Ice), Jeruk Kunci can be served in hot or cold. As you can see in this picture. Can you guess which one is mine? 😏 Do you want to know its taste? WAGELASEHHH. This is super deliciouuuusss and refreshing! The taste of this orange is a bit sour. Actually, if you search in the google, Jeruk Kunci is not like an orange, but more similar like Lime (or Jeruk Nipis in Indonesia). But we can still taste the sweetness from the sugar. FYI, since this is my first time to drink this beverage and I'm falling in love with it. At every lunch in restaurant when I was in Belitung, I always ordered Es Jeruk Kunci! Wkwkwk.

Picture 6 Hot Jeruk Kunci & Ice Jeruk Kunci
Finally, our main dish is coooominggg....

Picture 7 Mie Belitung

What components are in this Mie Belitung? Noodle, fried tofu, been sprouts, cucumber, shrimp, celery, boiled potato, and the last one is Melinjo chips (in Indonesia: emping). How's the taste? Aaah... honestly the taste isn't my type. Hiks :( I don't know... I just don't like its sauce. But however, I kept eating it until it runs out. Haha. Hungry after flew for 1 hour. But my friends like it very much. So it doesn't mean Mie Belitung is not delicious. It's just a matter of personal taste.

Laskar Pelangi School (Replica)

Huaaaaaaaa! Going to this place is like a dream! I only saw this place in the movie, "Laskar Pelangi". Even though it is not a real place, because it is only a replica. I'm so happy anyway. This school is surrounded by white sands that very smooth like salts. Things that I hate is only the hot sun. Omg that was super hot!!!

Let me share you some photos in this place. Yea, you can't be said you have went to Belitung if you don't have any photos in this place. 😁 AH! Let me tell you, in behind of this school, there is a huge land covered with weeds. This is the best place for taking photo shoot, even we did fake pre-wedding photo shoot. Haha.

Picture 8 SD Muhammadiyah Gantong
Picture 9 Replica of Laskar Pelangi School
Picture 10 Inside of SD Muhammadiyah Gantong
Picture 11 Behind of  SD Muhammadiyah Gantong

Rumah Keong (Snail House)

Not far from Laskar Pelangi School, we can find another best spot for photo shoot. Yes, Rumah Keong, or in English, we can say it Snail House. There are not many attractions in this place. There are only some house like a wicker snail that made from rattan. Rumah Keong is built on a lake called Kolong by Belitung citizen. Kolong is a tin mining ponds. This destination combines rattan architecture with Lenggang Village nature. Rumah Keong becomes a comfortable place to rest and take shelter from the sun. The floor itself is made from wooden planks.

Picture 12 Rumah Keong Belitung
Picture 13 OOTD in Rumah Keong

Museum Kata Andrea Hirata (Kata Museum)

Another mandatory destination to visit is Kata Museum (Museum Kata Andrea Hirata). This is the first literary museum in Indonesia established in 2010. It was built in an old house in Gantong, East Belitung by Andrea Hirata, author of Laskar Pelangi.

To enter this place, we must pay a ticket for IDR 50,000. This is not expensive, because actually this ticket is used to buy one of Andrea Hirata's books. See? This is like free actually.

This place is so cute! There are a rainbow house that have a colorful interior. You girls must be love this place. Haha. Then in another house, you can find many rooms that show you some scenes of Laskar Pelangi film. Several quotes and photos from the Laskar Pelangi movie are also displayed on the walls of this house.

Picture 14 Museum Kata Andrea Hirata Entry Door
Picture 15 Klewang's in Museum Kata Andrea Hirata
Picture 16 Interior of Rainbow House in Museum Kata Andrea Hirata
Picture 17 Rainbow House in Museum Kata Andrea Hirata
Picture 18 Quotes and Photos Displayed inside of Museum Kata Andrea Hirata
Picture 19 Enjoy Reading Some Magazines in Museum Kata Andrea Hirata

Serdang Beach

Also not far from Kata Museum, we can find Serdang Beach. This beach is placed in Manggar city. You can easily go to this place because the road can be passed by car and already paved. The vast ocean in Serdang beach makes the waves tend to be bigger than the other Belitung beaches that famous for its calm waves.

Do you know what makes me fall in love with all beaches in Belitung? THE SAND! Omg the sand is very smooth like I said before. So every time we step on it, it feels so comfortable and wants to sleep.

Beside this beach is known for big events, such as New Year celebration event, Serdang beach is also the best choice for those who want to see the beauty of Sunrise.

Picture 20 Me in the Serdang Beach

Picture 21 My Friends Chilling with The Beauty of Serdang Beach

Vihara Dewi Kwan Yin

Our next destination is Vihara Dewi Kwan Yin. Naa, starting from this place, we had lost a lot of energy. The day before we stayed up all night at the Soetta Airport to play cards and chit-chat at the cafe while waiting the super early morning flight schedule. Hahaha.

I had no spirit anymore to explore this place. Super tired. But still, I collected all the rest energy for go up and down the stairs in this place, and took some photos.

This place is located at the foot of the hill, and there is a stream of river water, located in Desa Jelitik (Jelitik Village), about 15km from Sungaliat City. We can find a big statue named Kwan Yin. To reach the statue, we should go up many stairs.

Picture 22 Vihara Dewi Kwan Yin

Picture 23 OOTD in Vihara Dewi Kwan Yin

Burung Mandi Beach

With the rest of my energy, I still had one place to visit. LOL. Burung Mandi beach! Again this beach had a smooth sands. Woaaa!!! Unfortunately, we had no spirit anymore to play the water. So we just ended up with drinking coconut water while enjoying the beach view. Feels like in Bali. Wkwkwk.

Picture 24 Enjoying Burung Mandi Beach

Yeaaa this is the end of Day 1. We then went back to the hotel, took a bath, and searched for a dinner. Guys, you should know that our hotel is located in the center of the city, so we weren't difficult to find foods. Next to our hotel, there is Kong Djie Coffee Shop. Kong Djie Coffee is known as Belitung specialty coffee. And our dinner is Ketoprak. And the Ketoprak is really delicioussss! But for me, that was over spicy! Wwkkwk. We found the Ketoprak is not far from our hotel. We also can find many street foods, like Mie Ayam, grilled fish, fried rice, martabak, and many else.


Our itinerary in the second day is Kaolin Lake, Bukit Berahu, Tanjung Kelayang Beach, Tanjung Tinggi Beach, and Tanjung Pendam Beach.

This second day will play a lot with the beaches. Yahooo! Also on this day, we wore the same themed outfit, WHITE! Ok, let's just see what happens on the second day!

Kaolin Lake

WHAT A PLACE! First thing in our mind when we arrived in this place, "Oh damn this is really match with our outfit!" Wkwkwkwk, So this Kaolin Lake is a quartz sand quarry. The mining products are not only distributed domestically, but also to overseas. Kaolin Lake is surrounded by white sand. That's why I said that this is very match with our outfit.

Not many attractions we can explore in this place. Mostly we just ended up with photo session. We love photo! Hehehe.

Picture 25 Kaolin Lake
Picture 26 Klewang's in Kaolin Lake, Belitung

Bukit Berahu Beach

Our second destination is Bukit Berahu beach. It is located above the hill. Before we enter the beach, we can find a restaurant and from this place, we can see the beautiful view of Bukit Berahu beach.

We need to descend a lot of stairs to get to this beach. I remember when I went to Sanctuary of Truth in Pattaya, Thailand. We also had to face a tiring stairs. Wkwkwk. But when you step in the last stair, we were welcomed by the smell of the sea. The sound of beautiful waves pounding. We were really enjoyed the beach.

Picture 27 Bukit Berahu Beach
This beach is not really huge. So we didn't take along time to stroll this place. Then we took a rest in that restaurant while having light meals, fried banana (pisang goreng) and some beverages. Guess what I order? Es jeruk kunci again! Haha. Oya! In this place, there are some big trees and you can find some squirrels. Omg, I even forget when is the last time I met the squirrels. "Oi Sandy!!" (Spongebob series)

Picture 28 Squirrels
Picture 29 Fisherman in the Ship

Tanjung Kelayang Beach

Picture 30 Welcome Sign of Tanjung Kelayang Beach
Welcome to Tanjung Kelayang beach! This is one of the famous beach in Belitung. The name is adopted of a bird in Belitung, named Kelayang. This beach annually becomes a place of Yachts ships that participate the Rally Sail Indonesia. This beach is more famous after being a shooting place of Laskar Pelangi film.

Like most beaches in Belitung, Kelayang beach also has calm waves. So we can swim safely in this beach. Yeaaay! Across the beach is an island of gigantic granite piles. These granite piles form a bird's head formation. Therefore, the granite island is then called Batu Garuda (Garuda's Stone). Batu Garuda became one of the landmarks of Belitung island. Travelers should have a photo with this Batu Garuda's background. 😋

In the third day, we will back to this place, because in the third day we will go snorkeling. And to across the sea, Tanjung Kelayang beach is the departure point. So in this beach, there are also many ships that used for travelers who want to have "Island Hopping" to Lengkuas Island and another little islands.

Picture 31 Klewang;s in Tanjung Kelayang Beach

Tanjung Tinggi Beach

Picture 32 Klewang's in Tanjung Tinggi Beach

This is the most famous beach in Belitung. Why? Because this beach appeared in Laskar Pelangi and Sang Pemimpi movie.  Again, this beach has very smooth sands. It also decorated with hundreds of gigantic granites, with turquoise waters and calm waves. Here, we can play with the soft white sand or swim in the calm and clean beach, we can also pass through the granite rocks of this gigantic rock and climb the rocks to see the scenery of Tanjung Tinggi and pose to be immortalized with the camera. YASS! This is also the best photo spot in Belitung! So instagramable of course!

One thing also that you can do is take a picture with the big balloon float that has been so famous in instagram. Wkwkwk. But, you need to rent the goose balloon for about IDR 30,000-IDR 50,000. Go negotiation with the renter to get the cheap price. No time limits when you rent it. Happy!

Picture 33 Me swimming in Tanjung Tinggi Beach

Tanjung Pendam Beach

This is the last destination of our second day in Belitung. We only wanted to enjoy the sunset for closing the second day, and Tanjung Pendam beach is the best place for sunset. Hey do you know when we went to Tanjung Pendam, the sea was receding so we could take a walk in the sea. Hwaaaa amazing!

While waiting for the sunset, we did many weird things at there. Singing, dancing, and bullying. Wkwkwkwk. (Don't try this at home!)

Picture 34 Sunset in Tanjung Pendam Beach

Yeaaaaay the second day is also WONDERFUL! Ended up with beautiful sunset. Each moments had a beautiful memory for us indeed. We then went back to the hotel. And having dinner near of the hotel. This time we ate Mie Ayam Bakso. The taste is also DELICIOUS! See you in the third day!


Our itinerary in the third day is Tanjung Kelayang Pier, Batu Garuda Island, Lengkuas Island, Snorkeling, Lunch at Kepayang Cottage, Batu Berlayar Island, Pasir Island, Shopping at KLAPA SHOP, and Coffee Time at Kong Djie Coffee Shop.

The most awaited day is the third day! Why why? Because it's time for snorkeling!!! Horraaaaay!

Batu Garuda Island

After having breakfast in hotel, we then go to Tanjung Kelayang Pier to go to Batu Garuda island. This is our first time to take a ship when in Belitung. Unfortunately, we cannot landed in this island, because it is only a big stone. Wkwkwk. So we just sailed around this island and took a photo. 😅

Picture 35 Me with Batu Garuda Background
Batu Berlayar Island

Naaa, in this very small island, we landed for a moment to swim and took a photo. It has a small beach like a private beach. Woaaa I really love this place although it is just a small island.

Picture 36 Klewang's in Batu Berlayar Island
Picture 37 Me in the Private Beach (Haha)
Picture 38 Klewang's in Batu Berlayar Island

Lengkuas Island

Picture 39 Klewang's in Lengkuas Island
Before we did snorkeling, Mas Ayi said it was better to visit Lengkuas Island first. So we landed our boat to this island. This place is also a popular island among the travelers. The lighthouse that behind of us is the landmark of this island, and also of Belitung. It has 18 levels and is a relic of the Dutch colonial in 1882 with a focal plane of 61 meters, and is still actively working for sea navigation. From inside of the lighthouse, we can see the white sandy beaches of Lengkuas Island with gigantic granite stones, and crystal clear sea. Visitors must wash feet with plain water first before entering the lighthouse that steel-constructed, as sea water can cause rust on building material.

After taking some photos, we then had coconut water. Ah before that, ACCIDENT HAPPENED AGAIN. What is that?

For several times, Guntur lost his sunglasses! Wkwkwkwk (sorry for laughing Tur). Because it is not the first time he lost his sunglasses. When we went to Singapore, he accidentally dropped his sunglasses in Marina Bay Sands. Then he also lost his sunglasses when trip to Europe. And this time, he accidentally dropped his luxury sunglasses into the water behind of giant stones, and many dangerous fishes live below of the stones. HAHAHA. Mas Ayi actually already helped him to take his sunglasses by went down between the giant rock, but his sunglasses fell between the very narrow rocks, so he couldn't reach it. Deep condolences Guntur! 😣

Picture 40 Guntur After Lost His Sunglasses
Picture 41 Beauty Blogger Fathmah Posed in front of the Lighthouse
Picture 42 Salted Fishes are Sunbathing
Picture 43 Boss Klewang's with Her Ripped Pants


The last time I did snorkeling was in Pulau Seribu Jakarta and I wasn't too satisfied, because the underwater view is not beautiful. But I am really enjoyed my snorkeling now because the underwater view is really beautiful. There are still a lot of coral reefs and many fishes, even I found NEMO!!! WOW! WOW! I'm so happy until now. (Kesenangan receh yang hakiki) Hahaha.

Before we departed from Tanjung Kelayang, Mas Ayi bought rice crackers for us. Eh! Not for us literally, but for the fishes. And when I crushed the crackers in the water, a lot of fishes came to me. Huaaa so happy! I then took many crackers and did it repeatedly. LOL. (Another receh happiness yang hakiki).

Picture 44 Snorkeling Experience in Belitung
Picture 45 Tusi is Snorkeling
Picture 46 Guntur is Snorkeling

Picture 47 Underwater Smile from Fathmah
Picture 48 Smile from Nia from the Ship (She couldn't do snorkeling because you know, woman matter)
In the middle of snorkeling, my head was more getting dizzy. Since departed from Lengkuas island to snorkeling area, my head started getting dizzy. I was like seasickness or maybe masuk angin (get cold).

Then I climbed up to the ship again. But on the ship, my head even more dizzy because the ship wobbled by the waves. Oh damn! I didn't know what I have to do. I feel like I want to hurry back to the land!

Not long after, I vomited. Spewed all the coconut water I drank on Lengkuas island. Oh noooo! FYI, coconut water in Lengkuas island is much expensive than usually sold in other places. In Lengkuas island it is about IDR 25,000 and in other places it is only IDR 15,000. Huft.

But after that, my condition was even better. Hahahaha. I think I was dizzy because of that coconut water!!! So for you guys, don't try to drink a lot before going snorkeling! Not recommended! 😭😭😭

Lunch at Kepayang Cottage

Naaa, this time our lunch is paid by Belitung Sky. Hihi. A luxury lunch in a cottage named Kepayang. Lots of foreign tourists in this place, like from Australia, Japan, China, or the western countries.

We ate a lot of delicious seafood in this place. Ya, I know that I still couldn't eat many kind of hard food because of my braces. I couldn't eat my fave seafood, squid. HUAAA SO SAD!!!

About this place, I didn't take many photos, because too excited of enjoying the food. But this place also has a good beach. More about this island will be exposed in my vlog that soon been launched.

Pasir Island

Huaaaaaa this is our last destination in the third day. And being my last destination in Belitung because tomorrow morning I had to go back to Jakarta. While my friends would still stay in Belitung until tomorrow afternoon.

We spent a long time in this island. This island is also I recommend to you, because not many people went to this place tho' this place has a huge beach and very beautiful.

Picture 49 Klewang's in Pasir Island
Anyway, the above photo is my favorite photo ever in my version when I was in Belitung! Hahaha. SUPER BEAUTIFUL! Don't you agree?

Here another beautiful photos that took by Mas Ayi in Pasir Island!

Picture 50 Tusi in Pasir Island
Picture 51 Me in Pasir Island
Picture 52 Fathmah in Pasir Island
Picture 53 Klewang's in Pasir Island (Taken by Mas Ayi from Belitung Sky)
Picture 54 Klewang's in Pasir Island (Taken by Mas Ayi from Belitung Sky)
Picture 55 Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are having Honey Moon (LOL)

Picture 56 Another Salted Fishes dying after Sea Bombing

Beautiful photos, aren't right? We do thank you so much to Belitung Sky who always shot us in a beautiful moment.

We then went back to Kelayang Island and had a shower to wash our body from the sands. We only paid IDR 5,000 per person for a shower room. And while waiting for your turn, you can eat Pop Mie or Indomie in the food shop. Pop Mie is only IDR 10,000. It is not expensive la yaa... Still affordable for tourism place.

Ah ya! Before we left Kelayang beach, there is a nice photo spot. So in the center park of Kelayang area, there are seats like in stadium you know. And this place is quite instagramable.

Picture 57 OOTD in Kelayang, Belitung.

Shopping at KLAPA SHOP

It is time for shopping! Klapa shop is located on Air Saga Street, Tanjung Pandan, Belitung (Phone 087800117888). This shop sells food, clothes, bags, and also another souvenirs. Don't ask why we chose to shop in this place. Cheaper or whatever? We didn't know. Wkwkwk. Because we only follows Mas Ayi. But thing you should know is this shop sells everything. So maybe it is recommended by Belitung Sky because it is quite complete. Also, they will give free box package for purchasing above...hmm... I forgot, I think IDR 200,000. Sorry I definitely forget! 😸

But their service is quite good and fast. Also they received credit card or debit card payment. So don't worry if you don't bring much cash.

Coffee Time at Kong Djie Coffee Shop

Mas Ayi said that in Belitung there are two Kong Djie Coffee Shop. The one is next to our hotel, and the main shop is in here. So we are lucky to visit both of their shop. Hehe.

I was so hungry, so even though I already ate Pop Mie in Kelayang, I ate Indomie again in this place. Hwaaa Indomie Goreng is the best meal after swimming since I was child. Wkwkwk.

For the beverage, I tried to order Choco Kong Djie Coffee. How? DELICIOUS!

After we were full, we went back to the hotel.

For me, this is my last night in Belitung. Hwaaaaa 😭😭😭😭😭
I need to go back earlier than others because I need to take some rests before going to work again in the day after. I had worked overtime for several days before this trip. So if I followed my friends to go back to Jakarta in the afternoon, I will arrive at Bogor in the night and couldn't have long rest.

But fortunately, I had many places to visit when I was in Belitung. And Belitung has gave me a lot of beautiful memories. I love the beaches. I love Kong Djie Coffee. I love Es Jeruk Kunci. I love the people. I love the hotel. Hwaaa love everything!


Thank you also for my squad, KLEWANG! For having a good time in Belitung. Especially for Nia, who flew away from Riau to Jakarta, then flew again to Belitung. FRIENDSHIP GOALS!

But before I finish this story, I will share some photos from my friends about what they did after I went back to Jakarta. The short stories, they went to a traditional house of Belitung. Enjoy and thank you for reading!

Picture 58 Nia Fathmah Tusi and Guntur are in a Traditional House of Belitung
Picture 59 Nia Fathmah Tusi and Guntur are in a Traditional House of Belitung 
Picture 60 Nia Fathmah Tusi and Guntur are in a Traditional House of Belitung

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