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Who doesn't want to go traveling to Lembang, Bandung? It seems that every weekend the flower city, Bandung, is very crowded with many domestic tourists, especially those from Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Karawang, Bekasi, and other cities around Bandung. Even a lot of hotel or villas are full from a few weeks before your travel plan. Really, this happened to me. Haha. Well, this time I want to share information about one of interesting places to stay in Lembang, Bandung. Check this review!

On August 4-5th, Me, with my office friends, went to Dago & Lembang, Bandung, for a vacation. According to our itinerary, we should stay at Lembang. Some hotels and villas are full, and honestly this makes me and my friend, Tashya, are confused looking for a place to stay.

Finally Tashya found this Blackbird Hotel (Click here). This hotel is still a part of Maja Group, one of the famous restaurants in Bandung. Blackbird Hotel is located on Jalan Sersan Bajuri No. 9, Lembang, Bandung. The location is very close to Maja House, maybe just two minutes by walking. Or you can go by Golf Car that provided by this hotel. If I pulled the route from Blackbird Hotel to Farm House Susu Lembang, it was around 7-8 km. Yesterday, I took Jalan Sersan Bajuri (southern part), because it's still early around at 8.30 am, the traffic was still friendly, and it only took about 30 minutes.

Picture 1  Google Maps route from Blackbird Hotel to Farm House Susu Lembang
If we come from the south, this hotel is located on the right side of the road. In the first we enter this hotel, we will be in a quite large parking lot. So for you who travel with car, do not worry about the parking are, even bus can park in this place. Then we will enter the gate where the receptionist welcomed the guests. Upon our check-in, the male hotel staff was friendly to welcome us. But unfortunately not for the women staff hotel when we checked-out. For this pretty good hotel, this front-liner hotel staff is less friendly. This must be improved by the hotel, considering that the front-liner staff is the first image or the last impression that the hotel will give to its guests.

Picture 2  Blackbird Hotel. Source:

After check-in, we will walk through a small yard to go to a hotel restaurant. This restaurant is honestly not too big. The distance between the tables is quite close. But the interior design captivate enough my heart. So colorful... so beautiful. It has a minibar, several pairs of four tables, 1 big eight table, and 2 colorful couches. Then it is decorated with unique lamps and some plants that beautify this room.

Picture 3  The ambiance of Blackbird Hotel Restaurant.
We stayed with a breakfast package. The food provided was not too much compared to other hotel in the same price. The main menu is only sausage & smoked beef fried rice, chicken porridge, carbonara spaghetti, mix vegetables, cereal, and fried chicken. Other menus, there are salads, breads, croissants, coffee, tea, orange juice, guava juice, and pudding. The taste isn't too special, but in my opinion, it is pretty good enough. I like the fried rice and the very tasty chocolate pudding. And unlike the women front-liner staff I just mentioned, the restaurant staff are so friendly. 

Picture 4  Side dish menu in Blackbird Hotel breakfast

Picture 5  Side dish menu in Blackbird Hotel breakfast
Down the stairs from the restaurants, we will be greeted with a very beautiful swimming pool. using stones as the main material for exterior design gives the nice vintage and contemporary impression. There were also some beautiful mattress tents that can be used with your family. Is the swimming pool friendly enough for kids? YES! There is also a space area for children. So luvly! Hehe. Another advantage of the Blackbird Hotel, the hotel staff provides a beautiful floaties which of course is free of charge. Also the hotel will give a rattan basket of towels for swimming for guest who will swim.

Picture 6  Swimming pool at Blackbird Hotel
Picture 7  Giant floaties
We can find many beautiful photo spots inside of this hotel. It seems like this hotel is intentionally making the place so instagramble, adjusting customer needs lately who love a place with a beautiful and unique design. Here are some beautiful spots and moments that can be a recommendation to take pictures.

Picture 8  Stairs from level 1 to basement room
Picture 9  Stairs from level 1 to level 2
Picture 10 Rizky Ardinsyah took a picture in Blackbird Hotel
Picture 11  Anggy Sinaga took a picture in Blackbird Hotel (IG: @anggysinaga)
Well, now we will move to the most important thing from this hotel, BEDROOM!

Picture 12  Ambiance from level 2 Blackbird Hotel. Source:
This hotel provides around 29 comforting rooms and divided into three different rooms by style and size. I myself slept in a medium size room, with twin beds. My friends also got a medium size room with a balcony. The most important things from a bedroom, such as AC, hot water, TV cable, sandals hotel, water heater, coffee & tea, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, liquid soap, towels (big & small), blanket, and closet are available in this hotel. If you need a hairdryer, you can ask to the hotel staff.

The design of bedroom, in my opinion, is a combination of vintage and contemporary, because it doesn't have so many decoration. the property is simple, but made of wood. Apparently, this design is also adjusted to their concept who want to be closer to nature. As seen in Picture 12, that in the middle of this hotel, there is a green lawn garden. There are several long chairs and tables to relax and chat with colleagues or family.

Picture 13  Bedroom in Blackbird Hotel. Source:
Picture 14  Bedroom in Blackbird Hotel. Source:
Picture 15  Bedroom in Blackbird Hotel. Source:
How do you think about the bedrooms? Beautiful right? Even the bedrooms are instagramable, hehe. This hotel doesn't only steal my heart, but also with my friends. Like Tashya, who love the rooms so much.

Picture 16  Tashya in bedroom of Blackbird Hotel (IG: @anatashyawinda)

Ok that's all my review about Blackbird Hotel, one unique and beautiful boutique hotel in Lembang, Bandung. If you are interested to stay in this place please open their official website to book the rooms (click here).

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