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Photos from @jfwofficial. Edited by @rizkyardinsyah.

Like technology, fashion industry continues to grow. The fashion designers create various fashion trends that are fond of fashionistas. Many big events about fashion update are also held to meet the customers directly and expand the fashion vibration to people. One of them is Jakarta Fashion Week (JFW). Since it was first held in 2008, Jakarta Fashion Week has attracted many fashion lovers, not only domestically but also overseas. Even JFW is recognized as one of the most attractive fashion events in Southeast Asia. JFW’s vision is to bring Indonesian fashion designers to the world.

As one of fashion enthusiasts, for me, the fashion show event is not only a showcase of clothing from various designers. More than that, it is actually a place to learn and share knowledge about the world of fashion, from styling to business.

According to the The McKinsey Global Fashion Index, global fashion industry sales to grow by 3.5 to 4.5 percent in 2018. And on average, consumers in Southeast Asia spend about eight hours a day online, from social media to video streaming and shopping among other things. This development moves towards the digital phase. It is a challenge for designers to enter the market and survive in it. 2018, is the year where fashion brands no longer ask “if” but “how” to collaborate with big online platforms (McKinsey & Company’s study). Hence, fashion brands must be able to fulfill consumer obsession with digital growth such as the-end-to-end transaction, innovative, and lower price.

Growth in Online Sales of Apparel and Footwear Globally 2017-2020. Source: McKinsey & Company
To accomplish this issue, JFW has a vision for Indonesia to become one of the world’s fashion centers in the next decade. One of the real actions is through the Indonesia Fashion Forward (IFF) program. With the support of the Indonesian Creative Economy Agency, the involvement of the British Council, and the support of London Center of Fashion Enterprise (CFE), is a form of JFW's seriousness in producing Indonesian fashion designers who are able to compete with international fashion designers. This really caught my attention, because JFW offers something more. The designers are invited to learn and think to work more than the limits of their dreams. In the end, they will be given the opportunity to present their work at leading department stores and trade shows abroad. Awesome right? 

Source: Instagram @jfwofficial
Do you know that Asian economies have experienced strong economic growth? This is what makes Asia-Pacific is already established as one of the most important regions for global fashion business. And if you are asking whether Indonesian designers indeed worth compete in the global fashion business? You will know the answer after attending the Jakarta Fashion Week! You will be amazed by our designer's work. It seems, sometimes, I want to stand there, and doing a runaway for their amazing apparels, or sometimes, I also want to be one of those who can create fashion items that are so beautiful. I must be proud of being able to present my own design for this country.

Jakarta Fashion Week 2019

This year, Jakarta Fashion Week celebrates their 11th anniversary. Save your date from October 20-26th 2018, and be prepared to hunt for JFW 2019 tickets that starting in mid-October 2018, because the ticket is limited to the public. So ensure you have followed and turned on notification JFW Official Instagram at @jfwofficial (click here to open).

During the past 10 years, JFW is always excited to hold events that rapidly known in Southeast Asia and global. Renowned fashion designers must enliven the Senayan City Mall stage (a place where JFW 2019 will be held). Are there any fashion designers you want to watch guys?

I, myself, will be confused when asked ‘Who is my favorite Indonesian fashion designers?’. I believe that every fashion designer has their own characteristics. Every design is not limited to sketch ink scratches that are realized into beautiful fashion items that wore by the models, but fashion items that live in the soul of the wearer. Like the fashion work of Anne Avantie, which is so tempting to the Batik enthusiast. She is absolutely born to conjure up batik cloth into an extraordinary masterpiece fashion items. Each of her work pieces has a soul and character.

One of Anne Avantie fashion masterpiece. Source: @anneavantieheart. Model: @whulandary
Then there is Danjyo Hiyoji’s apparel that is so unique and modern. His work revives the inner youth spirit at any age.

Source: @danjyohiyoji

Reserve Your Earlier JFW 2019 Ticket!

So fashionista, is your enthusiasm to enliven Jakarta Fashion Week 2019 already burned up? Can’t wait to get the tickets? Be patience! Limited public tickets will be available on their official website within mid-October 2018. (Click here to open JFW Official Site)

But for those who want the tickets earlier, you can also take part in some of JFW competitions, such as #iBlogJFW, #iVlogJFW, and #iCaptureJFW. For more information, please search these hashtags in your instagram.


See you guys at #JFW2019 runaway!

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