Men sometimes do not like to wear complicated clothes. They prefer simple clothes that keep still look cool and masculine. If you are the type men of what I meant, then the street style outfit must be in one of your favorite styles list.

Look a little closer, the development of fashion makes men also creating a style-line that will make them look attractive in the public, while still prioritizing convenience and comfort. 

Some put forward masculine principles and others tried the latest styles by prioritizing innovation. Looking at the 2019's trend that will appear with more patterns like squares and lines, will you be in the forefront of the fashion trend or stay on the menu of neutral? Or anything else?

There are many styles to choose from. Therefore, this time RilyfeID will try to capture some street styles that can be wore as your reference both in daily activities or hangouts with friends during weekends. Check it out!


Source: Pinterest
I can say that DENIM is men's favorite look of all time. This fabric not only covers the body, but also Denim can give a soul to men in appearing more masculine look. Styling with denim is also easy to mix and match with various kinds of cloths. The simplest one is a combination of jeans jackets, jeans, and basic t-shirts. Don't forget, add sneakers as a dessert. It is possible, that ripped jeans will still be a trend in 2019. So if you have jeans that are no longer used because of boredom, try to modify it and give a new look. Making ripped jeans is not too difficult.

RilyfeID has proven it. Look at the look below! Rizky Ardinsyah tore his own jeans which were rarely used as new, more fresh jeans.

Source: IG @rizkyardinsyah


Looking back to the Fresh Off The Rail Streetwear Fall Winter 2018 from Risk Is Key, one of cutting-edge brands, that published in, bomber jacket still hit the trend.

Risk Is Key. Source: FWO

Bomber Jacket can be considered as one of the fashion items that have a myriad of faces. We know bomber jackets with a neutral look, but time-machine bring a new life faster in this fashion item with diverse cuttings. We will also easily find many patterns, such as lines, floral, sands, or electric.

Source: The Idle Men


Source: The Idle Man

Still adapting East Asian styles like Japan and Korea, with their colorful style, printed jumpers like in the picture above, will still be favored by some men.

Those who like a more playful style will choose to use printed jumpers when they meet their close friends. One trick to keep your appearance looks cool is to mix and match your printed jumpers with plain bottom-wear. Like in the photo above, he mixes his printed jumper with grey tailored trousers. As additional accessories, you can use a long belt that is happening recently, a cap, sneakers, and a waist-bag.


Wohoo! There will be many styles that can be created with this fashion item. It becomes one of the must-have fashion items for men. If we look back to the various men's fashion events, such as New York Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week, and many else. Hoodies almost always exist with various types of styles.

It's sometimes weird, because even in spring or summer, hoodies will still be wore by men. And this has become a unique attraction for fashion designers. They compete not only in terms of patterns, but also in materials.

They were asked to fulfill the market's desire to create hoodies that are trendy and comfortable to use even in hot weather.

Source: IG @rizkyardinsyah

Paris Fashion Week Spring 2018. Source: WWD

Source: Pinterest


Source: Pinterest

Another option is back-to-basic. By carrying a comfortable style, this choice will be a favorite for those who are lazy to spend time to choose clothes. Basic t-shirts with a blend of jeans will be very easy.

Tips to keep the appearance cool with this simple blend is play with the color. You can use contrasting color choices between t-shirts with bottom wear, or vice versa, using calm colors.

Another tips is choosing oversized t-shirt or wearing a printed/patterned shirt as the second layer of your top wear.

Source: The Idle Man
Source: The Idle Man

That's all from RilyfeID. Whatever your choice. The most important thing is confidence. Clothing is just a decoration that beautifies the dish, taste is still number one. That taste only can be found in your confidence.

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Thank you! 😎

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