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Jakarta Fashion Week 2019 had been officially opened on Saturday, October 20th 2018 at Senayan City, South Jakarta. Many Indonesian fashion designers like Barli Asmara, Dian Pelangi, Zaskia Sungkar, Novita Yunus, Rani Hatta, and many more, showcased their collections in the first day of JFW 2019. Guests who want to watch this event should have the tickets that can be obtained from JFW official website (www.jakartafashionweek.co.id) or by special invitation. The runaways can be seen in the fashion tent (outside of Senayan City, across the Starbucks G Floor) or in the fashion atrium (Inside of Senayan City G Floor). Guests also can see the event held by JFW to meet the designers with the people in the Fashionlink Showroom and Fashionlink Market at Senayan City 6th Floor.

Halo RILYFE readers! JFW 2019 Day-1 has over, now I’m going to share you what happened on the JFW Day-1! Yay!

The opening show of Jakarta Fashion Week 2019 was started on Saturday, October 20th, after lunch time. the atmosphere was super full of energy! As you can see, the all models danced together on the stage of Fashion Tent in the opening show.

Photo 01  Opening Show of Jakarta Fashion Week 2019 (Source: @jfwofficial)
After the opening show, guests could attend the talk show sponsored by POND’S AGE MIRACLE about Nonstop Glow with Dr. Dewi Anggreani Indra, M. Biomed (AAM-Dermatologist), Acha Sinaga, Fenita Arie, and Maya Septha. This talk show discussed about skin care, like how to maintain healthy skin for women especially after passing age 30 y.o. to keep it looking glow without signs of early skin aging, like wrinkles.

POND’S also had their runaways that showcased yesterday (Tuesday, October 23rd 2018) with theme Nonstop Glow and collaborated with Andhita Siswandi & Jenahara.

Photo 02  Pond's Miracle Talk Show with @achasinaga, Dr. Dewi, @fenitarie, & @mayaseptha7.
Source: @pondsindonesia.


In the same time of POND’s talk show, Zuria Dor presented THE WOMAN in theme of Emerging Pakistan. Zuria Dor itself is a contemporary brand headquartered in the ancient city of Lahore in Pakistan. This brand is co-founded by two young Pakistanis with backgrounds in product design engineering and aerospace engineering. Zuria Dor focuses on design and cut alongside hand crafted embellishment and embroidery techniques.

Zuria Dor has been working very closely with the Embassy of Pakistan in Indonesia, and through this Jakarta Fashion Week, Zuria Dor has a purpose to promote a progressive image of Pakistan under the umbrella project of Emerging Pakistan.

Photo 03  Emerging Pakistan with Abdul Salik Khan (Pakistan's Ambassador for Indonesia) in Jakarta Fashion Week 2019
Source: @zuriador.

Another talk show was also held by JFW about The Beauty of Free Your Skin, sponsored by Summer Beauty House X Bioderma, with Dr. Jonathan Subekti spKK (Dermatologist), Asyifa Latief (Miss World Indonesia 2010) and  Sara Robert (Beauty Influencer).

Photo 04  @jrsubekti, @asyifalatief, @sararobert, and @angelicamanopo in Bioderma X Summer Talk Show.
Source: @summer.beautyhouse.


Photo 05  Australian Embassy Jakarta for JFW 2019. Source: www.rizkyardinsyah.com

Next, I’m going to continue to the authentic showcase that presented by Aboriginal Art Centres and Australian Alumnus and also Batik Chic by Novita Yunus.

In the last Indonesia Fashion Week at Senayan JCC, I had saw a runaway that presented by Australian Embassy of Jakarta, and the collections were truly gorgeous with the choice of flowy and flowery fabric. And also with the collection in JFW 2019, they still showcase their characteristic with flowy and flowery fabric. But one thing that distinguished with the last runaway I saw, in JFW 2019, Australian Embassy of Jakarta brought the Aboriginal culture into their designs and it was so fascinating! It was unique and ethnic like the characteristic of design in eastern Indonesia.

Photo 06  Batik Chic by @yunus.novita for JFW 2019. Source: @jfwofficial.

Novita Yunus, an Indonesia designer for Batik Chic label, also brought batik with more teeming patterns and also took flowy fabric. Overall I like their collections which most of their collections blended two colors into a perfect modern pieces.


Photo 07  Philips X Hattaco by Rani Hatta for JFW 2019. Source: www.rizkyardinsyah.com

From JFW Fashion Tent, I moved to Senayan City Atrium to see the runaway of Philips Garment Care X Hattaco (Appreciating Youth & Diversity). Philips? Lamp? Haha, no ya guys. Actually Philips has been several times collaborated with Jakarta Fashion Week to support the fashion industry in Indonesia. For example in Jakarta Fashion Week 2018, Philips launched a steam iron Perfect Care OptimalTEMP GC3920 and Garment Steamer Easy Touch Plus GC524 to meet the customers need, where with their new products, people would be easier to keep their look neat and clean without take a long time for ironing. And this year, Philips introduced their new type of Philips Garment Steamer GC505/70.

Conveys campaign #BedaBahanBedaCara, Philips wants people know that the treatment in clothes caring cannot be same. Some fabrics perhaps cannot be ironed, so steamer garment can be an alternative.

Photo 08  @alvinlvins for Philips X Hattaco by @ranihattaofficial. Source: www.rizkyardinsyah.com.

In this runaway, I saw quite many faces from previous winner of Femina’s Face, like Juwita Rahmawati (First Winner of Femina’s Face 2013 and Ambassador Model of Jakarta Fashion Week 2019), Tiffany (First Winner of Femina’s Face 2016), Maria Christina (Best Catwalk Model for Femina’s Face 2016). And also there is my “influencer-panoetanqoe”, Alvin Suryanto (IG: @alvinlvins). Haha.

Collaborated with Hattaco by Rani Hatta, they presented youthful collection with plaids & stripes design, and also they combined some colors which is very very attractive. And like I’ve ever said in the previous posts when talking about Fashion Trend 2019, plaids and stripes design could be still favorite for youth. And to be honest, I like their collection. Give me one of them please, Rani Hatta! HAHAHA.

Photo 09  Philips X Hattaco by @ranihattaofficial for JFW 2019. Source: @hattaco_official.


Photo 10  Wardah X @barliasmara for JFW 2019. Source: @jfwofficial.

Collaborated with Wardah label, this is the biggest show of first day JFW 2019 actually. Of course because there are many talented and innovative designers like Barli Asmara, Dian Pelangi, ETU, Norma Hauri, Ria Miranda, and Zaskia Sungkar. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the ticket for this show. Yes all the tickets of this show, I think, weren’t opened in the JFW official site. Maybe these designers have booked all the tickets and only give the seats for their special guests, special invitation from Giveaway, artists, and other public figure/influencers. But, however people still can see the show from the big TV in the waiting area of Fashion Tent.

So guys, here I gave you some photos from Instagram of JFW or the designers above:

Photo 11  Wardah X @zashi.id for JFW 2019. Source: @jfwofficial.

Photo 12  Wardah X @zashi.id for JFW 2019. Source: @jfwofficial.


Photo 13  Danjyo Hiyoji for JFW 2019. Source: www.rizkyardinsyah.com.

Hey, again I saw Bateeq in the runaway. Remember right? That I saw Bateeq showcase in Plaza Indonesia Men Fashion Week a few weeks ago. And their collections really caught my eyes. And now, styled by Makoto Washizu, a fashion designer and stylish from Japan, Bateeq again showcase their collection also with Danjyo Hiyoji and NY by Novita Yunus.

Photo 14  Bateeq for JFW 2019. Source: www.rizkyardinsyah.com.

Danjyo Hyoji is also one of my favorite label with their unique and adorable collections. And about their collection yesterday, argh, I couldn’t say anymore. So speechless. It was really a great performance. With mostly designed with plaids pattern and cheerful colors, I wanna take ‘em all to my home!!! Hahaha. Eh ya, all models wore a hat like paper-ship. So cute.

Photo 15  @samuelrizal1 in @ny.novitayunus for JFW 2019. Source: @ny.novitayunus.

Photo 16  @aisyarif1965 in @ny.novitayunus for JFW 2019. Source: @ny.novitayunus.

Photo 17  Danjyo Hiyoji for JFW 2019. Source: @danjyohiyoji.

That's all for JFW 2019 Day-1 guys! 
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