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The fashion industry continues to grow and shows significant development. The need of better style encourages creative fashion industry to continue developing new innovations. That is what Jakarta Fashion Week 2019 has used in their programs, Indonesia Fashion Forward and Fashionlink Showroom & Market.

Fashion may appear to be different between one and each other. Because fashion is about taste. Before the mid-19th century, almost all clothing was handmade for individuals. Then in the beginning of the 20th century, after sewing machine was more improved, the development of clothing industry had increasingly come to be mass-produced. And now, fashion industry has become a good business. There are many fashion designers with their own design style. The economic, lifestyle, and technology condition, greatly influence the development of fashion style differences.

With such diversity, Jakarta Fashion Week 2019 has a program to bridge the interaction between designers, industry players, and fashion consumers, both domestic and abroad. If you came to Jakarta Fashion Week or Fashionlink Showroom & Market, you may see guest from abroad. This opportunity was taken by #JFW2019 to introduce the amazing work of our local designers to global retail representatives. I, myself, am proud to see the works either that displayed at the Fashion Tent or exhibited at Fashionlink Showroom & Market. Suppose I have unlimited money, I have already bought them all. Hahaha.

Photo 01  One of local label, Junno, in Fashionlink Showroom & Market #JFW2019.
Fashionlink Showroom & Market by JFW 2019 was held on the 8th floor of Senayan City Mall. No need entrance ticket, by only register at the front desk, you'll get the access to the strolling around this place. After registration, we would be welcomed by several beverages tenants, such as PT Gemilang Ardesy Indonesia, Toraja Coffee, and Gulu Gulu.

Photo 02  Toraja Coffee in Fashionlink Showroom & Market #JFW2019.
Photo 03  PT Gemilang Ardesy Indonesia in Fashionlink Showroom & Market #JFW2019.
Photo 04  Gulu Gulu in Fashionlink Showroom & Market #JFW2019.
In the first time we enter the exhibition area, we then would be welcomed by Anne Avantie's clothing collection that automatically attracted us to visit her booth because her collection that so charming. We also can find other various fashion collections from local labels encompasses women's wear, men's wear, accessories, shoes, sandals, hijab, and make-up.

Photo 05  Anne Avantie in Fashionlink Showroom & Market #JFW2019.
Photo 06  Syahira in Fashionlink Showroom & Market #JFW2019.

Talk Show with @Oxcel

Not only fashion exhibition, in Fashionlink Showroom & Market there was also talk show events with various speakers like fashion designers, beauty bloggers, influencers, model, and many more. One of the schedule that I attended was a talk show with model and fashion designer Oxcelira Paryana (IG: @oxcel) about her fashion work in the collaboration with Disney's The Nutcracker and The Four Realms. Oxcel is a cover girl model in 2007, she also played several films. And now she has her own label, @oxceloxcel (official site: www.oxceloxcel.com). Carrying out the concept of free expression with fresh idea, enigmatic, statement, and fun attire, Oxceloxcel presents her design in a unique way.

Let us see her some of Oxceloxcel's collection:

Photo 07  Some of Oxceloxcel's Collection.
This time, Oxcel was invited to be a speaker because she would tell how she could have a collaboration with Disney and at the same time she also would tell her four pieces for Disney. So, Oxcel was contacted by Gadis Magazine to join the Disney's The Nutcracker project. Although Oxcel is a Disney lover, Oxcel has never watched the movie. The movie would be released in the theater on November. But after she knew the character in The Nutcracker movie which makes an independent woman as the main character, Oxcel surely couldn't reject this project. She then explored the information about this movie with Disney Indonesia.

Photo 08  Disney The Nutcracker and the Four Realms

For Oxcel, this is a new challenge. She who is accustomed to making ready-to-wear and street style clothes, must make a night gown. Oxcel created a pattern and cut the fabric by herself for this project.

Well, are you curious about this night gown made by Oxcel for Disney? Let's discuss briefly one by one:

Photo 09  Look 1 to Look 4 of Oxcel's Pieces for Disney Project
Look 1: This is a gown with white color accented with a gold key picture. The key is a symbol of secret in the movie of The Nutcrack

Look 2: This gown is identical to the main character in the Nutcracker movie, Clara, who is identical in red.

Look 3: A black dress with a wing like a bat with a gold accent. This gown has the word design "Secret" on the front which is formed in an inverse-heart design. this inverse-heart means that we have to be confident because the perspective we have is maybe different with others. At the back there is a special gold lines taken from the Nutcracker story that there will be a golden thread on the character's birthday.

Photo 10  Look 3 of Oxcel's Piece for Disney.

Look 4: This is inspired by Mother Ginger with a dominant color of golf and black. This is one of Oxcel's favorites because it is considered to be the most difficult work to make. But even si, due to long and difficult process, Oxcel became more and more in love with this dress.

Photo 11  Look 4 of Oxcel's Piece for Disney.

For more details about Oxcel's work, you can see them directly. WOW, WHERE? Alright guys, Oxcel will participate the exhibition at Main Atrium of Pacific Place Mall starting on October 26th 2018 to November 18th 2018 to showcase her four pieces of Oxcel's work in collaboration with Disney's The Nutcracker and the Four Realms. So in each of her gowns, there will be also a behind story of the gown.

One more information, there will be Exclusive Premium Gift for 5 (five) lucky persons who:
1. Come to the exhibition in Main Atrium of Pacific Place Mall
2. Take a photo with one of Oxcel's pieces
3. Post the photo in Instagram
4. Write the best caption like why do you choose that gown
5. Tag and mention @gadismagz and @oxceloxcel
6. Use hashtag #gadisxoxcel
7. Tag and also invite your friend to join the competition

So guys, how do you think about the events of JFW 2019 Fashionlink Showroom & Market? I can't wait for Jakarta Fashion Week next year. For those of you who didn't have the opportunity to come to JFW this year, please make sure to come in the next year! Let's see the runaway together at #JFW2020!

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#JFW2019 Official Blogger.

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