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One of my favorite runaway is 'Style Theory'. Carrying out the Spring Summer 2019 collection, Paulina Katarina, Rani Hatta, and Day and Night gave a new experience that truly spoiled the guests' eyes who attended Jakarta Fashion Week 2019 Day-3. Paulina Katarina and Rani Hatta chose colors that were striking in their collections, and totally different for Day and Night which took basic colors like black, white, and gray.

Photo 01  Designers of Day and Night, Paulina Katarina, Rani Hatta.

Paulina Katarina

Carrying out the theme of "Santorini Romance", Paulina Katarini showcased beautiful dresses with light fabrics. Their cutting gives a freedom of movement for the wearer. The choice of colors is very beautiful, really illustrates the ambiance of Spring and Summer. This is an interesting collection for Indonesia women in the summer season next year.

Photo 02  Some of Paulina Katarina's Collection for #JFW2019.

Rani Hatta

Bring out their rangers: @fabellrt as Pink Ranger, @naranararu as Blue Ranger, @anastliee as Red Ranger, @xjfritzx as Yellow Ranger, and @rosydiadam as Green Ranger, Rani Hatta gives a fresh nuance to the guests. Their outer collection from hoodies to long coat are very cool. Like their mission, making an outfit more than just a cover for our bodies, but a point of view towards our life. Then the details of their clothes really reflect Rani Hatta characteristics, for example the Chuck Taylor's laces which describes equality and no boundaries.

Photo 03  Some of Rani Hatta's Collection for #JFW2019.

Day and Night

Totally different from the previous runaways, Day and Night featured their typical collections with dominant black, white, and gray. Carrying out "I See You See Me" theme, inspired by kids wear details during 5-15th century, they combined it with mature modern details. They say that their collection is now much more technical compared to their previous collection. For example with 1 basic pattern, they can transform into two pieces of clothes with completely different styles. It is due to different sewing technique. Honestly, I myself was amazed by this Day and Night collection, their cutting is unique and unusual, giving the impression of today's independent women.

Photo 04  Some of Day and Night's Collection for #JFW2019.
Well, if you are curious about their collection, I have compiled some videos and Instagram Stories into one video that you can watch by clicking this link: 

But beforehand I apologized if there is only one video of Rani Hatta when only all models come out. Because at that time I did IG Live for the Rani Hatta collection only, meanwhile IG Live video couldn't be saved. Huhu. I'm so regret it. I should just record it normally, then I submit it to IG TV rather than doing IG Live. I think by submitting to IG TV, everyone can watch repetedly.

Okay no problem ya, it can be a lesson for me for the future show. Hehe. So happy watching guys!

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