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Guys guys guys! Have you know that Whatsapp mobile app has launched their sticker feature? To use this feature, just click the emoticon symbol in the left side of typing box. Then choose the third button like in the picture below:

Photo 01  Button for Whatsapp Sticker Feature

You can use all the stickers provided by Whatsapp like what you always do in Line Chat app. But there is something exciting in Whatsapp Sticker feature. We can make ourselves stickers. Actually I do not know whether it is legal or not. Haha. Because we have to download the third party app, Sticker Maker. And I also still do not know whether we can make the sticker in Whatsapp iPhone or not. Some of my friends said that the third party app is not available in App Store.

So if you an iPhone user and you wanna have your own stickers, you can ask your friends that using Android, then send the stickers to you, you save them, and you can use the stickers. 

Okay, without further ado, I would like to share the information about how to make your own stickers. Come on check it out!

1. Prepare photos or pictures that you want to be created as Whatsapp Stickers. 

I recommend you the picture is already in PNG format with transparent background. It will easier for you when editing and exporting to be a sticker. No cutting needed.

2. Download Sticker Maker app in Google Play Store

Photo 02  Sticker Maker app for Creating Whatsapp Stickers

Naa! This is the most important, you have to download Sticker Maker app in Google Play Store by Viko & Co. developer.

3. Create a New Stickerpack

Photo 03  Basic Step in Creating Whatsapp Stickers
The basic step is creating a new stickerpack. It will give the information of your sticker name and sticker author. That's why you should fill the blank column of Stickerpack Name and Stickerpack Author. I give you the sample in the Photo 03. Then click Create.

4. Choose The Pictures

Photo 04  Choosing the Picture Step in Creating Whatsapp Stickers

From the last picture in Photo 03, you click the Stickername you just made it. Now it's time for you to create your own stickers.

Like Whatsapp that have Profile Picture, this feature asks you too to choose the Tray Icon. The process will be same like the process of choosing the picture for stickers. You can pick the image from Take Photo by your camera or Select File which means you take the image from your gallery.

I have made my stickers with bubble words in Photoshop, so I just need to import the file one by one. For the information, you have at least import 3 pictures (exclude Tray Icon).

 5. Editing Your Stickers

Photo 05  Editing the Picture Step (Without Cutting) in Creating Whatsapp Stickers

As I said to you before, I recommend to use sticker with transparent background because it will be easier. No edit needed. You can see in Photo 05, after you import the image. You only need:
  • click the button in right above
  • click Use Without Cutting

Voila! It's done! You can repeat this step for another images ya. Remember, at least 3 stickers to continue for publishing the sticker pack.

Naaa, if your image doesn't have transparent background, you need to cut the sticker. Draw an outline with your finger or stylus pen to select sticker area. You can use pinch-to-zoom to draw in better detail. But you cannot do zoom-in-zoom-out while drawing the outline.

Photo 06  Editing the Picture Step (With Cutting) in Creating Whatsapp Stickers

6. Publish Your Sticker

Photo 07  Publish Your Stickers

If you're done with your stickers making, then it's time to publish it. Click Publish Sticker Pack --> YES, PUBLISH.

Photo 08  Publish Your Sticker

7. Add Stickers to Whatsapp app

Photo 09  Uploading Stickers to Whatsapp app

The last step is uploading your sticker pack to Whatsapp. There will be an advertisement but just close it, and click ADD to upload the stickers to Whatsapp app.

IT'S A WRAP! Now you open again your Whatsapp and check the stickers. You already have your own stickers!

But, something bad is I still don't know how to remove the stickers that already added to Whatsapp. Hahaha. So until now, please be wise what stickers that you want to upload. Don't make your whatsapp are full of waste stickers. Wkwkwk.

I will info you again if I already know how to remove it, or maybe you've already know? Please share to me in the comment box! Haha.

Thank you guys! Enjoy your Whatsapp stickers!



It's an honor to be able to collaborate with Jakarta Fashion Week 2019 as one of their official bloggers. Besides getting some special ticket invitations, I hope that through this I can inspire many people out there. Like a story that I experienced, it turns out there are still Indonesians youths who don't (or haven't yet) want to use batik because it's considered as an old-fashioned thing. Batik as one of the Nusantara's heritage deserves to be the pride of the Indonesian people. I wonder why there are people who don't like batik, well I know this is a matter of taste, but batik is very beautiful in my eyes. Like these batik collections designed by one of my favorite designers, Anne Avantie. She is so aware of how to juggle batik not only as a body wrap, but as an identity and jewelry for people who wear it.

In the last Jakarta Fashion Week 2019, Anne Avantie again showcased her fashion designs. Carrying out the theme "Badai Pasti Berlalu", Anne Avantie wanted to convey a message to the Indonesian people, specifically citizens of Palu, Donggala and Lombok who had recently been victims of natural disasters, that everyone has a grief, but it must pass. Amazingly, in addition of her fashion showcase, to express her empathy for Palu, Donggala and Lombok, Anne Avantie together with PT Sido Muncul also donated 10 fishing boats to victims of natural disasters in Palu, Donggala and Lombok. 

She is not Anne Avantie, if she does not convey a moral message in each of her shows. As in every post on her Instagram, she will provide motivation to Indonesian women. Wow, she's really inspiring. That's why I love her so much.  

Photo 01  Anne Avantie received many flower bouquets from her beloved family and friends. 
Bringing out woven fabric as the main material, Anne Avantie gave magical touches from her cold hands. It became clothes that are light-looked, fashionable, and beautiful. The woven is conjured up into long pants, scarves, outwear, and top-wear. In addition, woven fabrics are combined with Indonesian brocade kebaya. As in the picture below:

Photo 02  Anne Avantie's Collection for #JFW2019
Why woven fabric? There was a special meaning to be conveyed by Anne Avantie. Still related to the theme "Badai Pasti Berlalu", the meaning she wanted to convey was a continuity of performance of the weaving craftsmen needed so that this woven fabric could be created. In that way, the craftsmen can support to live their families. So, again a message that we must go through all obstacles to continue the next stage of life.

Anne Avantie's stage performance at the Jakarta Fashion Week 2019 was so amazing! Anne Avantie showcased 50 of her clothes and hooked up a number of public figures who were much favored by many people. One of them is Patricia Gouw, my favorite ya! Haha. That’s why I chose the photo cover of this post. 

Photo 03  Anne Avantie's Collection for #JFW2019
Other public figures are Maia Estianty, Artika Sari Devi, Rayi RAN, Marion Jola, Surya Saputra, Tantri KOTAK, Kimmy Jayanti, and Titi Rajo Bintang. And do not miss this person everyone, she's the most favorite of Indonesian people, the Ministers of Marine and Fisheries who was also always filled the Anne Avantie' stage, Ibu Susi Pudjiastuti.

Photo 04  Anne Avantie's Collection for #JFW2019
Ibu Susi Pudjiastuti, came out at the final session of the show using a long coat of woven fabrics, black heels boots, sunglasses, big round earrings, and hair scarves from woven fabrics. A warm welcome came out as Ibu Susi stepped into the # JFW2019 catwalk, including Kahiyang Putri, Daughter of the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo. Ibu Susi's eccentric style made her look like much younger. Almost all cameras are fixed on her, 'Semua Mata Tertuju Padamu', she’s the real Miss Indonesia! : D

Photo 05  Ibu Susi Pudjiastuti in Anne Avantie's Collection for #JFW2019
Are you curious about some of Anne Avantie's other collections, let's see guys!

Photo 06  Anne Avantie's Collection for #JFW2019
Photo 07  Anne Avantie's Collection for #JFW2019
Photo 08  Anne Avantie's Collection for #JFW2019
Photo 09  Anne Avantie's Collection for #JFW2019
Photo 10  Anne Avantie's Collection for #JFW2019
Photo 11  Anne Avantie's Collection for #JFW2019
Photo 12  Anne Avantie's Collection for #JFW2019
Photo 13  Anne Avantie's Collection for #JFW2019
Photo 14  Anne Avantie's Collection for #JFW2019
Photo 15  Anne Avantie's Collection for #JFW2019
What do you think about Anne Avantie's batik collections guys? Me, LOVE it so much! Indonesian Batik is one of the fashionable everlasting fabric. It can be combined with many fashion items that we have at home. The results are always fantastic. Batik for me is not only a fabric to wrap your body but a precious cultural heritage that we need to preserve.

So please, love batik! 

"Batik for me is not only a fabric to wrap your body 
but a precious cultural heritage 
that we need to preserve.",
- Rizky Ardinsyah -