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Haaaaaaaai RILYFErs ! It's been a long time I don't write any articles in my blog ya! Hmm recently I was so busy and I'm actually in not a good mood for writing. Even now, I still have to go to work in Dec 26, 27, 28 where my mood actually is already in a long holiday, Pft.

Guys, do you like watching YouTube? Me, SUPER YES. I spend almost 4/5 hours at outdoor. So I don't have time to watch TV, and YouTube is my medicine to heal my boring time, when I'm in train or in my spare time at office. Moreover, to be honest, recently I DO NOT LIKE many TV programs in TV Indonesia. Many of them have not been quality lately. They are very fake, not educating, and just boring. Who agree??? Maybe some of TV programs that I still watch are Weekend List (NetTV), Entertainment News (NetTV), Breakout (NetTV), iLook (NetTV), Tukang Ojek Pengkolan (RCTI), and Dunia Terbalik (RCTI). Yes only that, which mostly are weekend TV programs.

Now, I prefer to watch YouTube which has many unique programs that are in accordance with our interests. Oke without further ado, I will share you 10 MY FAVORITE YOUTUBE CHANNEL LATELY !


Picture 1  Helena and Ethan. Twinnie in Hiho Kids.

The most favorite YouTube channel in my version is HIHO KIDS for sure! Who doesn't love watching those lovely kids!?!

So what are inside of Hiho Kids YouTube Channel actually?

Before I subscribed this channel, I was scrolling my Facebook timeline and see a video of some kids that are trying Indonesian foods. The kids are asked to taste the foods that they never hear or try before, and then give some comments about it. Because of they are so innocent, the video is really entertaining for me. Then I search it on YouTube to know more. I found it! It is Hiho Kids.

HiHo Kids now already has over than 2M subscribers from around the world. They also now not only has Kids Try program, but also other entertaining programs like Kids Meet, Kids Describe (feat Koji The Illustrator), Mailbag!, What's Popping, Ernie Cooks, and Kids Play.

My favorite kids among them are... Clara!!! Ethan and Helena! And Austin also. Haha. They are so cute. If you want to watch some videos of them too, let's jump over to their YouTube channel and click the link below:

Click here >> HIHO KIDS

2. Space #

Picture 2  Meja Gunjing program

I think I became their subscriber within these two months ya, not sure. I was recommended by my friend. I thought it was only a 'gak jelas' video at first, but after I watched the complete video. LOL it was really funny and entertaining. Meja Gunjing is the most favorite program on Space #. The host is Allan Wangsa. He was in one of Reality Show TV Program before, 'Big Brother Indonesia'. You must know this program. And the co-host is Andre Bailing. I never heard before about him. But he's just funny and annoying (?). Hahahaha.

I think, as people who spend the most time in Jakarta for working or hangout, this program really gives you another insights of Jakarta's real life. Behind the beauty and splendor of people living in Jakarta, there are something that you do not know. And this program will give you that information. It is more like Jakarta Undercover. Wkwkwk.

Now, Space # already has more than 341k subscribers. WOW! And if you want to watch some videos of them too, let's jump over to their YouTube channel and click the link below:

Click here >> MEJA GUNJING

3. Allan Wangsa

Picture 3  Masisya program

After Meja Gunjing, Allan Wangsa also build a new program named Masisya (Makan Siang Syahdu). Actually this program is so crunchy ya. BUT I LOVE IT. Hahaha. Allan and Bailing take some endorse of foods and clothes in this video. They wear their clothes and taste the foods, give the comments and rating. While eating, they talk some updated gossips. Haha. 

They upload video on every Thursday at 12pm, so they will accompany your lunch time as they channel program ya. They now already has over than 21k subscribers. AND... they promise to have MUKBANG in EUROPE  when they achieve 50k subscribers! I can't wait for that! So help them to reach 50k subscribers gengs! Hehe.

Click here >> MASISYA

4. Gudang Kartun'90

Picture 4  Chibi Maruko Chan cartoon film

Although I'm already 2* yo, I am still a cartoon lover! Is it only me or you too? Hands up guys! Haha.

My favorite cartoon is Doraemon and Chibi Maruko Chan. In this channel, I mostly watch Chibi Maruko Chan film. Actually, some of Chibi Maruko Chan videos also come up in my YouTube home, and I watch them without see what YouTube channel is it. But for your recommendation, I will share you the channel that I subscribed ya! It is in Bahasa.

If you want to flashback to your childhood, let's go watching again Chibi Maruko Chan. I mostly watch this while eating my lunch. They now already has almost 19k subscribers.


5. Doraemon Terbaru

Picture 5  Doraemon cartoon film

Doraemon!!!!!!!! My favorite cartoon for a whole time since I was 5! This cartoon is never die ya! Even the show time on TV is same since I was child, in Indonesia, it's aired up on RCTI every Sunday morning at 8am. Haha.

But mostly, I woke up late in every Sunday. So I always skip this film. And to watch some Doraemon videos, I watch it on YouTube. As a marker that I have watched the film, I like the video. To ensure I won't watch the same title. Hehe.

Same like Maruko, I watch Doraemon without seeing the YouTube channel, but mostly, I watch Doraemon from this YT Channel which I describe as well. They now already has 227k subscribers.

Click here >> DORAEMON

6. Patricia Gouw

Picture 6  Patricia Gouw YouTube video

Patricia Gunawan or Patricia Gouw is one of super talented women that I know. She is a Top 3 Asia's Next Top Model Cycle 4, a talented MC, a TV host for entertainment news, and an Instagram influencer. 

Oya, YouTuber also! Hihi.

She now already has over than 81k subscribers on her YouTube channel. People are interested on her because PatGouw is so unique. She is a funny and humble person. Although she is so famous now, I can see that she is a good person from the way she socializes and speaks. I love watching her travelling videos and talk show videos. Really entertaining. But she rarely posts the videos, so I'm really waiting for your next video PatGouw! Please upload more videos! (Hopefully she reads my blog LOL).

Click here >> PATGOUW

7. Nihongo Mantappu

Picture 7  Jerome's vlog when having a haircut in Japan

I think I just became his subscriber within this month. Haha. But actually I already watched one of his videos before, but not sure whether I should subscribe his channel or not. Then a few days ago, I watched again one of his videos, then I watch his related videos, and yes... I subscribed his channel finally! LOL

"Tat taraaat taraarat tarat taraaaat"

Jerome, his name, is a first year student college in Waseda University, Japan. Most of videos in his YouTube channel are vlog while he lives in Japan. For example, he tells the viewers how much cost for haircut in Japan and challenges his friends to taste Indonesian snacks. He is a talkative and funny person. I think that's why he has many subscribers. When I write this post, he already has 480,363 subscribers. WAW! MANTAP JIWA!

Honestly, I enjoyed his videos and many of them are quite informative about how living in Japan. His presentation for his vlogs are good. That's why I decide to subscribe his channel. Keep it up bro and success for your study!

Click here >>  JEROME

8. Jovi Adhiguna Hunter

Picture 8  #JoviJajan is one of my favorite program in Jovi's YouTube Channel

That's one of his favorite words. 

I know Jovi Adhiguna is as Instagram influencer. He is a unique person. No matter people say about him, but I like his personality that very unique and entertaining. I like seeing his Instagram stories that is so refreshing. He always give positive vibes. So when I know he also has YouTube channel, without much thinking, I subscribe it!

Jovi makes video of his daily vlog, travel vlog, and now he also makes #JoviJajan. #JoviJajan is one of his YT program when he's having some foods (mostly street foods). He's usually accompanied by his best friend, Ronald Simanjuntak, in #JoviJajan. He already has more than 212k subscribers. AMAZING RATNA! (Ratna is another his nickname)

Click here >> JOVI ADHIGUNA

9. FemaleDailyNetwork

Picture 9  Funny Video of #FDDudes in FemaleDailyNetwork YouTube Channel

You won't believe that I subscribe this channel right? WKWKWK.
From the YT channel name, it must be a channel for girl.

I know I know.... Haha.
I actually just became their subscribers within this month, when I saw one of their videos about men who are challenged to guess make-up price. #FDDudes is my favorite program, yeah maybe it is the only one program that I watch. This program is SOOOOOO FUNNY! Really!!! Haha.

They already have more than 487k subscribers! Please guys, you should see their videos too, especially #FDDudes!

Click here >> FemaleDailyNetwork

10. Tasya Farasya

Picture 10  Tasya Farasya video

Subscribers: > 1,184,000 

If you are quite shock that I subscribed FemaleDailyNetwork Youtube Channel, you must be super shocked that I followed Tasya Farasya which is almost of her videos are make-up tutorial. HAHAHA.

I already met Tasya Farasya in a talk show event in Fx Sudirman Jakarta, and it was actually because of my friend, Inka, that really wants to see her. I, never heard anything about her before. A few weeks after that event, I followed Tasya's Instagram and suddenly become her fans. She's so funny, guys. Everytime I see her Instagram's story like unboxing her endorse packages. It is quite entertaining. So I also subscribed her YouTube Channel. Idk why, but I just like the way she speaks. She's so humble.

I actually think, omg, I'm a man, but watching a make-up tutorial video. Wkwkwk.
Though, because I always watch her videos, my knowledge about make-up is increased as well. LOL.

Thing that I'm grateful is I already has a selfie photo with Tasya in that talk show event. Thanks Inka. If it is not because of you, I never have that photo. Hehe.

Click here >>  Tasya Farasya

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