by - Januari 02, 2019


I had many stories in 2018. Happy or sad. Both of them had taught me a lot about life.

I decided to be more serious in my career as an actuary. To open the year, I joined the actuarial class of Risk Theory with my friend, Inka. Unfortunately, I failed it. Even so, I didn't despair. I take it positively. Though I failed the class, I still got the knowledge, true right? There is nothing useless in this life.

Then I took my holiday with Klewang's (Fathmah, Guntur, Tusi, and Nia) to Belitung Island. Such a great experience! It is the place which has beautiful beaches! You can read my travelling story to Belitung in this post. (Click here)

Though I didn't go overseas this year, I still feel very grateful. My Klewang's friends, Meta & Zizah, had their marriage. We went to Meta's marriage in Blitar while having our short vacation in Batu City and Malang City. Another great vacation yeah! But unfortunately, we couldn't go to Zizah's wedding in Lampung. Feel sad tho'. 


Has given many life lessons. About how to control emotions and try to be more patience. There were so many problems that I had to face this year. But God always hear my pray and He helped me. I'm increasingly convinced that God never left me.


I wanted to give positive influences to many people around me. I did things that I like through my social media, like Instagram, and also through my blog website. 

Thank you all for every support and love that had given to me along 2018.
Let's go with me to spread more love and positive vibes to the world!


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