by - Februari 16, 2019

Weather in Indonesia is sometimes erratic, moreover in the rainy season. During the day, it feels very hot, then cloudy in the afternoon, and raining in the night. It’s like having two seasons in one day. Hahaha. And this is sometimes what makes the skin of some people sensitive. Even some people can become sick easily.

Disclaimer: This is not an endorsement post.

Thus, we should consider what we’re gonna wear every day. Not only about the color but also the material. Usually when entering the rainy season, people avoid wearing brightly colored bottom-wear. Dirty streets can make dirty clothes as well. In addition, usually the selection of clothing materials is also considered. People tend to avoid the use frequency of heavy materials such as jeans. The reason is it will take a long time to dry if the weather is raining almost a whole day.

Fortunately, in 2012, there was an interesting innovation in the fashion world, where technology played a role in it. With the amount of innovation happening these days, there have been a few people who have taken fashion to the next level. This technology is called AIRism. This technology create clothes that can keep us comfortable throughout the season. It's cool, guys! Of course this is not created only for Indonesia, but for countries with four seasons.

AIRism is one of innovations in fashion. AIRism clothing has a soft texture on the skin, a comfortable and light layer. The inner layer is able to protect from any conditions under clothing, and automatically adjusts and maintains our comfort in dressing.

I myself have several AIRism products from Uniqlo Indonesia. There is a basic t-shirt that is usually wore as an inner-shirt or is wore as a t-shirt. And also the jacket that I wear below, the jacket is so light. What's special about AIRism? So, even if it is used in hot weather, it won’t make our body hot, because the material is light. But when the weather is quite cold, the jacket can protect us enough. The information I got was indeed AIRism using micro-polyester thread developed by Toray Industries. The fiber is soft, dry and smooth. This thread can transfer moisture from the skin to the outdoors. There is also one that is made from Cupro fiber, which is renewed cotton cellulose fiber.

AIRism has been marketed globally. So not only in Japan, but also in the world wide. Usually the wear AIRism as the inner-clothes to warm up the body when the winter comes. And some others wear it as the main layer when summer comes. This technology is amazing!

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