by - Februari 18, 2019

Have you ever bought clothes through online shopping with the wrong size? Then you have to return it to the seller to exchange the size? Or maybe you can't even exchange it at all? Now you don't need to be afraid anymore because there is Scnello.

Hi guys! This time I will tell you one of men's fashion brands in Indonesia that is quite unique. Why is it unique? To be honest, I also just found out that there is something called Online Tailor Brand. What is Online Tailor Brand?

So this seller acts as an online tailor where they sells clothes with a pre-order system and only made based on the customer's body size. Unique, right? I don't know how many brands like this in Indonesia. But I'm sure there aren't many similar brands right now. AND, one of that brands I know is Scnello. A few weeks ago, Scnello contacted me to try their hand made products, polo shirts. I'm certainly very interested, "Ow, what’s that Online Tailor Brand?"

The products that I have seen so far on their Instagram are still limited to Polo Shirts with various color choices, there are Black, White, Ice Blue, and Deep Ocean. I myself chose Deep Ocean color. I really hope that Scnello can continue to make various other types of products. Later customers will feel like they have their own private tailor or designer. Haha.

Amazingly, Scnello has also prepared their website well like other e-commerce sites. Starting from catalogs, order systems, and payment systems can be done through their website which is very eye-catching. Unfortunately, when this post is being written, the online catalog is under maintenance and will come back again in March 2019. I believe this maintenance is for a better service. Or will new features and products appear? Hmmm. Let see! I can’t wait! Oya for your information, their website is at Their Instagram is @scnello. So if you want to see the catalog while their maintenance can be seen through their official Instagram.

How to Measure Your Body?

The next question you might ask, ‘then how to measure our body properly?’

Slow guyss! In the order form, Scnello already made the guidance as shown below.

So, don't be afraid if your measure is wrong or not. In case you are still in doubt and need a guidance, you can contact the Scnello Team (contact number is available on their website). The team is friendly, surely you will be well served.

How about the Quality?

To be honest, I have a polo shirt with a famous brand, and Scnello has almost as good quality as that brand. The material is comfortable to wear. Cool, right? Even though the price is quite significantly different. This is one of positive things of local products.

The details on Scello's polo shirts are located on their logo printed from metal that taped in the left chest, then lies on the motif on the inner shirt-collar. In addition, you can also add your initial name through the embroidery stitches inside the collar close to the brand tag. The shortcoming from me is still the same, is variation. Maybe it's because it's still a new brand, so the design is still limited. And I'm really waiting for what the next design Scnello will publish.

In the end, I want to invite you to support local products. The government has supported small entrepreneurs as well. As an observer and fashion lover, I myself see that many local products today that are super good both in terms of material and design. Not limited to clothing, but also shoes and other accessories, such as wallets, card holders and belts. Let's support and love our local products!

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