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Most men don't really care about their face’ skin health. What are the reasons? Before I go through to review Tiege Hanley, I’d like to show you the results of the survey on my Instagram Story which might provide you an insight regarding that question. Then I will continue to review Tiege Hanley's products and also tell you the Simple and Uncomplicated Men's Skin Care series!

On December 10, 2019, I did a simple survey on Instagram Story through multiple choice questions. In the first question, I want to know how far the skin care series step which men use.

Picture 01  Survey Result on Instagram Story @rizkyardinsyah
From the all answers, around 60% don’t forget to wash their face. Oh thank god! Haha. This is really super basic. But surprisingly, there is around 14% washed their faces with soap. What?!?! Are you kidding me? LOL.

I don't know if they are honest or lie, but ya… that's possible. Then 26% go to the next stage, moisturizer. And finally, there are about 14% that continue to the serum step.

Then in the second question, I want to know why men rarely use skin care?

Picture 02  Survey Result on Instagram Story @rizkyardinsyah
Around 45% answered "Complicated", well it will be very interesting. Because it will be correlated with what we’re gonna discuss now about Tiege Hanley. Then 32% answered "Expensive", okay this is make sense. For men who only wash their faces, maybe only spend their money like once a month for facial wash. So by adding the skincare step means increasing their expenses. Not to mention that men have been influenced by their female friends / their wives who may use a lot of skincare types that quite expensive. True? Haha.

Then, 13% answered "No Time". This might not just be a problem for men. Last but not least, 11% answered "Don't Understand". Another problem that may lead men don’t want to use skin care is their assumption that Skin care and Make-up are the same thing. Though Skincare and Make-up totally have different definitions and functions. Make-up aims to beautify the face from the outside, while skincare aims to better maintain healthy facial skin so that the skin keeps beautiful/handsome from the inside.

So how do we maintain the health of our skin properly?
1. Eat more vegetables and fruit, reduce calorie foods and high sugar levels.
2. Enough sleep.
3. Use a mask in a dirty room or when go outside with pollution.
4. Drink lots of water.
5. Using skin care.

Well if you guys want to know about the steps of skin care routine for our daily health that SUPER SIMPLE and UNCOMPLICATED, you can continue reading this article. I will write about skin care routine with Tiege Hanley products and my honest review towards their products.


Tiege Hanley is a label from US that focuses on skin care products for men. Starting from a problem why men don't use skin care, the Tiege Hanley developers want to change their mindset with simple and uncomplicated men's skincare products.

Tiege Hanley’s marketing strategy team has an amazing idea how to encourage men to use skin care. They provide Skin Care in a package. So far, they have Skin Care System and Acne System packages. But now, I will only talk about Skin Care System. Each package consists of Tiege Hanley products that also describe the level of skincare that you want to choose. There are 3 levels. And it easier for us to identify what products we need the most.

Picture 03  Tiege Hanley's Guidance Card

Daily Routine Skin Care with TIEGE HANLEY


Picture 04  Tiege Hanley's Skin Care System Level 1
To make it easier for you, I've provided the Tiege Hanley Level 1 products and their benefits. You can read the details of the benefits on the picture, but I will also write more complete per products in the below.

Facial Wash
Picture 05  Tiege Hanley Facial Wash
The first step in the Tiege Hanley Skin Care System is facial wash or facial cleanser. Finding the right cleanser for us may be a process of trial and error. If we have oily skin, we’ll want to look for an oil-free option. If we have dry skin, we’ll want to look for alcohol or fragrance free.

How about Tiege Hanley’s facial wash? Tiege Hanley's facial wash contains cucumber extract which helps soften and brighten the skin, Salix Alba Bark extract which helps to reduce skin inflammation and irritation without over-drying the skin, Lavandula oil which helps to reduce redness on the cheeks due to acne scars, and Eucalyptus oil which contains antiseptic. This product has a lot of benefits, right? Not to mention they don't use fragrances as well, so it may be suitable for sensitive skin.

But for people who are sensitive to alcohol, it should be noted again because this facial wash still contains Cetearyl Alcohol. As for the scent, it feels like an herbal scent, perhaps from the ingredients in it which are mostly from plant extracts.

This facial wash has almost no foam. I can be sure that this facial wash can really be used by men with normal, dry or oily skin.

Picture 06  Tiege Hanley Facial Wash

Face Scrub

Picture 07  Tiege Hanley Facial Scrub
The second step is facial scrub. Scrub works to remove dead skin cells and dirt that is difficult to lift in our pores. Scrub is not used every day because it can cause excessive thinning of the skin. Skin becomes easily irritated or over sensitive. It’s enough with only twice a week.

Tiege Hanley Scrub contains apricot seeds to remove dead skin cells gently, but effectively, without making our face like it just got sandpapered. They said that their chemist also added ingredients to help soothe and repair the skin every time we exfoliate. Honestly guys, this is one of my favorite Tiege Hanley products. Beside of its fresh fragrance, the sensation when applied to the skin is also a nice pleasure because there is a cool sensation from the Menthyl Lactate.

This scrub also contains cucumber extract as in facial wash, and it contains Vitamin B3 which are also good in revitalizing our skin guys!

Picture 08  Tiege Hanley Facial Scrub

AM (Day Moisturizer)
Picture 09  Tiege Hanley Day Moisturizer
The third step is moisturizer. This is actually one of the most must-have products after facial wash. Its function is to nourish our skin after being washed by facial wash so that our skin is not dry and excessively hydrated. Day and night moisturizers should indeed be distinguished, because usually SPF is added in the day moisturizer. This SPF is useful in warding off harmful UV radiation. The SPF level in this moisturizer is SPF 20. With this, you don't need additional sunscreen products. So simple!

Talking about the scent. I like the scent because it gives a calming effect. It also contains Calendula Extract which is quite well known for soothing the skin and nourishing the skin. But there's something that I don't like about this day moisturizer. That is the oily look. Yet in their claim, this moisturizer is formulated to hydrate the skin without looking oily. The fact is when it is applied to my skin, it looks a bit greasy. For me who basically has oily and brown skin (most Asian skin color), this is a bit problem because it makes my face look dull. For those of you who have white skin, maybe this is not a problem it will make your skin look glowing.

But even so, I know this moisturizer has many benefits, so I will still use it but not on a daily routine. I use it when I attend events only. Because at that time, I will use BB Cream and a little powder to reduce the effects of oily look.

Picture 10  Tiege Hanley Day Moisturizer

PM (Night Moisturizer)
Picture 11  Tiege Hanley Night Moisturizer
With the same step, Facial Wash - Scrub, the third step is a PM moisturizer, that is used at night.

When we go to sleep at night, there is a process of cell regeneration. By using night moisturizer, it will help our skin repair and regenerate – attacking fine lines and wrinkles by stimulating collagen and hydrating the skin. Tiege Hanley's night moisturizer contains also Vitamin B3 that has antipruritic (anti-itch), antimicrobial, vasoactive (promotes circulation), photoprotective, sebaceous gland stabilizing and lightening-effect properties. In other words, their PM formula helps to even skin tone and tackles virtually every obstacle that contributes to premature aging, including the reduction of dark spots. Given its effect on sebaceous glands, continued use may also lessen acne, acne-associated rosacea and oil secretion.

Honestly, I really like to use this PM, because in tomorrow morning my face will be more firm and relaxed.

There's only one thing that I don't like, the scent. Smells like oil. Haha. So basically there are two Tiege Hanley products that I don’t like the scents, this PM and SUPER SERUM. Sorry Tiege Hanley. Hehehe. But to be honest, these two products have amazing benefits, but yeah, I just don't like the scent. Actually, these two products don't use fragrance, which are good for sensitive skin, but it seems the scents come from the herbal ingredients that have too strong scent.

Picture 12  Tiege Hanley Night Moisturizer


Picture 13  Tiege Hanley's Skin Care System Level 2
Alright now we are entering a higher level of Tiege Hanley’s Skin Care System. By adding your budget around $10, you will get additional Eye Cream. Is it worth?

Eye Cream
Picture 14  Tiege Hanley Eye Cream
I am so excited to try Tiege Hanley's eye cream because it contains quite unique ingredients that is rarely found in other brands, Caffeine. In addition, the other main ingredients are Vitamin B3 and Acetyl Hexapeptida-8, all of these ingredients are useful in tightening the skin around the eyes, reducing muscle contractions in the skin around the eyes thereby reducing wrinkles, brightening the skin under the eyes, and helping to ward off UV-radiation that is can irritate the skin. So, eye cream is not only good for use at night but also in the morning.

Now with those benefits, of course, Tiege Hanley’s eye cream is quite appropriate we get at a price of $10 (equal to Rp 145,000). This price may be more expensive than local brand eye cream, but if we compare it with international brands, this price is still normal or even cheaper.

The main problem on my face, one of them is a panda eye. This is mostly due to my short sleeping time. My bedtime is less than 5 hours. Haha. Well, I've only been using it for two weeks, so I haven't been able to feel the benefits significantly. Because as I know, we can only feel the benefits of eye cream if at least one month using. And honestly, I will use this cream for a longer period, because I'm curious about the benefits. (^.^)

Picture 15  Tiege Hanley Eye Cream
Picture 16  Tiege Hanley's Skin Care System Level 3
Finally we arrive to the final and advanced level of Tiege Hanle’s Skin Care System, Level 3. By the way, Level 3 is a package that I also have! It’s a complete package from facial wash, scrub, day and night moisturizer, eye cream, and face serum. Their serum is Super Serum. Wow, it seems like there's something super inside? So curious…

Super Serum
Picture 17  Tiege Hanley Super Serum
For me, face serum is VERY IMPORTANT. I put serum as a basic need skincare because the benefits are a lot. Serum usually contains active ingredients that help in various skin problems. So by using face serum, we already take our skin to the next level.

Well essentially, face serum is not the main need for many people especially men, unless they want to take their skin at an advanced level. That's why, I think, Tiege Hanley puts serum at level 3. If you already feel that you are already fit with their basic products at levels 1 and 2, I think it's better to continue to level 3.

The price of Super Serum, for me, is very cheap, really, because only with an additional $10 or around Rp 145,000, we can have it! This is really cheap guys, because the most of facial serum prices, both local and international brands are really expensive. The facial serum I use is from South Korea, the price is IDR 500,000 or equal to $35. Same with Tiege Hanley Skin Care System Level 2’s price. Hahaha.

Well, what are the benefits offered by Tiege Hanley Super Serum? SUPER SERUM is like a turbo boost for men’s face. It’s a highly-concentrated formula packed with antioxidants, vitamins and anti-aging ingredients that reveals the softer side of even the toughest skin. Packed with science, this serum ingredients promote microcirculation, nutrient absorption and water retention, keeping skin hydrated, smooth and supple. And it’s fragrance free for sensitive skin.

So when is the serum used? Serum is used both morning and night after using toner (if you use it) and before moisturizer. Use the serum regularly, you will feel the difference in your skin later.

Picture 18  Tiege Hanley Super Serum

SO GUYS. That was my review after using Tiege Hanley in about two weeks. Are you getting interested in using this product?

But unfortunately guys, Tiege Hanley hasn't been sold in Indonesia yet. So, if you want buy it, you have to buy directly from the US via their website at www.tiege.com. I have asked them that the shipping cost to Jakarta is around $12 or around Rp 174,000 with DHL and takes about 2-3 weeks. So if you want to buy their product, I suggest to buy Tiege Hanley Skin Care System Level 3. And you can get a 10% discount by using the voucher code "Handsome10" for your first purchase.

Before I end up this review, I want to tell you that our skin, both men and women, need nutrition and protection from various things that can make skin dull, blotchy, premature aging, and even black spots. Therefore, using skin care routine is truly a good investment for our skin not only in the present but also to keep us looking good throughout the years.

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